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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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Let's ride a dynamic seaside!
Wakayama Prefectural Route No. 34 Shirahama Onsen Line.

Nanki Shirahama was a hot spring spot, tourist destination since ancient times. Currently many tourists visit by bus, it is one of the leading tourist destinations in the country.
Is there a good road in the middle of such sightseeing spots? No problem. On Shirahama there is a comfortable way to enjoy the seasid.
This road called the South Shirahama road concentrates tourism cars and sightseeing buses, and congestion on holidays. But do not give up on this. There is an unknown scenic spot on the South Shirahama Road.


This road goes through urban areas and spa towns, and there are also a lot of traffic lights so you can not get speed. However, if you choose time, you can run very exhilaratingly. That is morning. It is best for around 7 am when other tourists are eating breakfast.Wake up a little early and have breakfast after riding in the early morning.
I am sorry, but like all the other tourist roads, everything is not superb.
However, there is an unknown scenic spot in this way. That is Engetujima which only sees on sunset.
Engetujima is a symbol of Shirahama, a small island with a hole in the middle due to the power of the wave. Because it is a classic tourist spot, it is crowded like a festival with a large number of tourists during the daytime.
However, the sunset around the time when tourists no longer exist is a superb view worth visiting aiming at this time.

Good road

Although it is crowded, it is one of the country's most exquisite landscapes here. Even this scenery alone is worth visiting. If you choose time, you can enjoy an exhilarating winding road.

Beachi and motorcycle

It is a Engetujima island which can be said as a symbol of Shirahama. It is a small island of 130 meters North and 35 meters east to west and 25 meters high. The transparency of sea water is high, and you can experience the sparkling sea in two hours from the big city.

Super Sunset

Engetujima floats in the evening. The sunset seen through the central hole during the spring equinox and autumn season is impressive. There are many people who go from a distance only to see this sight.

Senjyojiki beach

It is one Senjojiki, one of the three Shirahama sightseeing spots along the South Shirahama Road. It is about 4 ha in size and it is from the name that it is as large as you can lay 1,000 tatami mats. Because the strong wind blows throughout the year, it is also a famous place for typhoon broadcasting.

Costal line

This is a specialty of Shirahama, Three walls. It is a rock wall with a length of 2 km and a height of 50 - 60 m. It is not divided into three stages, but it is straight to the sea level. Let's observe carefully because it is a danger zone due to falling.

Whaite sand beach

White sand is beautiful Shirahama beach. Because it is made of quartz of high purity which is unusual in Japan, it is characterized by shining whiteness.

Hot spa

Shirahama Onsen called one of Japan's 3 major old-fashioned hot springs. Among them, this Saki no yu is a very old hot spring located here from the Manyo period.
Because it is a bathtub in contact with the ocean, the wave to be hit is very dynamic. Please experience a nice hot spring.

Traffic volume
Many large buses and tourist cars come and go, many street parking. Violent traffic jams also occur frequently in the daytime and in the evening. We recommend you to take action early in the morning.
Road surface
It is a very beautiful road surface with two lanes, but please be careful as droplets strike the wind / waveful day. Because it is by the sea along the whole line, please wash your motorcycle later.

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