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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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I was deeply moved by the landscape in Setouchi!
Road where sea breeze blows / Awaji Island of National Route 28 line.

There is a legend that Awaji Island, the largest in Seto Inland Sea, is the land that God created for the very first time. It is the island with the oldest history in Japan.
But here is "island", but now it is connected with Honshu at the longest suspension bridge "Akashi Kaikyo Ohashi Bridge" in the world, and it is popular as one of the leading tourist destinations in the Kansai area.
Here is a calm sea breeze and the blue ocean. It is Awaji Island around road that you can enjoy the Awaji Island outer circumference.
This name is not an official name but a so-called name. You may be lost if you connect multiple routes and run without confirming the route without MAP. However, it is also a relatively easy-to-understand route because the majority are along the coast.

 Sea side road

The feature here is that most routes are coastal. Therefore, you can enjoy the attractive landscape of the Seto Inland Sea and comfortable sea breeze.
Tourism on the island seems to be monotonous and boring, but this is the largest island in Seto. In Setouchi, along with the landscape of the sea with many islands, the scenery of the road changes variously depending on the location.
It is the West Coast that is fascinated by the old landscape connecting fishermen 's streets. The south coast resembles an isolated island and looks up on a wonderful cliff. Although there is traffic on the east coast, it is easy to get high speed moving, specialty and souvenirs. On the north side is the longest suspension bridge in the world "Akashi Kaikyo Bridge". On Awaji Island you can enjoy various changes depending on the scene.
This course is about 150 kms round. Although it is an island, it has a long distance. However, if you are from the Kansai area you can also go on a day trip. Within the island, there are also Tohoyado that have become valuable in the mainland, and can also enjoy motorbike journeys including accommodation.

Big bridige

The western part of the island has a long way to connect the fishermen's town. In the past, when the ferry was in service, it was a crowded area with vehicles traveling between the island and the mainland. Currently, the only thing there is that there is a ferry pedestrian mark.

Near sea

The east coast road is National Route No. 28 and the traffic volume is high. However, the West Coast has very little traffic and is very comfortable. It is the route which sea breeze is felt by the sea surface Freshest.

Good road

The island's around way has many well-developed wide routes, but the inland part has many narrow routes. However, from the hill you can see the sea of Seto! There are rice terraces where you feel the emotion of Japan, and you can enjoy superb views.

Island road

I go down at once to the west coast. The other side of the sea is Kakogawa City. Well, it's almost evening. Let's go see a magnificent view of the dusk of Awajishima unique!

Sunset beach

The entire west coast of the island is a sunset place. The sun setting in the sea dyes Setouchi into golden color.


The special product of Awajishima is octopus! Octopus raised in a strong ocean current is fresh and tasty. It is here that you can enjoy all such octopus octopus.
A body protruding from the leg that jumps out. Yes, this is the real "Takoyaki". It is worth visiting only for this purpose!

Traffic volume
The southern part of the island is refreshing with less traffic. Because the northern part is the main connecting road, traffic on the holiday is particularly heavy. The road width is a little narrow, but the southern coast route is recommended.
Road surface
The northern road is in full 2 lanes and the road condition is also good. The road width is narrow in the southern part, and there are rough pavements. However, even a large motorcycle has no problem at all. Feel the sea breeze and please travel.

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