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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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We crossed Yatsugatake in autumn from Nagano to Yamanashi.
Marchen Route / National Route 299

Route 299 is located in Yachiho-machi, Yamanashi Prefecture from Chino, Nagano Prefecture, and extends east-west across a popular mountain called Yatsugatake. The national highway itself continues further to the east, and the end point is connected to Saitama prefecture.
This time we report the section crossing Yatsugatake. Its beauty has been appreciated, and this road is called "Marchen Route".

Marchen Route

Yatsugatake is a mountain mass about 30 kilometers north and south, and the altitude is less than 3000 meters. Marchen Route crosses the slightly north side of Yatsugatake, the highest point of the road is the Mugikusa Pass of 2127 meters in altitude.
It is a road closed in winter due to this altitude, but it is popular as a summer resort during the summer.
Also near the summit of Yatsugatake is a rugged shape, but the foot of the mountain is gentle and vast.It is an area popular among Japanese riders because it is easy to approach from the central highway and the landscape is beautiful.Please experience a wonderful curve, a wide road width, and a beautiful view of the plateau.

harvested rice

This report is at the time we toured in the middle of October. In the roadside paddy fields the harvested rice is dried.

wide road

Weekends and consecutive holidays are a lot of sightseeing cars, but if it is a weekday it is not a problem.

National Route 299

Here is National Route 299. If you have time, you can use this road to get close to Tokyo.

wonderful curve road

The road was wide and we were comfortable. As the altitude rises, you can see that the trees are colored.

Trees are high altitude white birch

We came over 2000 meters above sea level. Trees are high altitude white birch. Autumn leaves are beginning here earlier than other areas because of altitude.

Mugikusa Pass

It is Mugikusa Pass which is the highest point of National Route 299. It is a beautiful combination of sky blue and trees.

Yatsugatake mountain

This is a vast farmland at the foot of Yatsugatake. A majestic Yatsugatake mountain range is visible to the far side.

Japanese warehouse

It is a warehouse of a farmhouse here. There is a mysterious sign, but this is a family crest called Yagou with a commercial meaning.

Sake brewery

In this area with rice crop and good water there is a sake brewery that makes good sake. This is the sake brewery called "Shichiken". A round object under the eaves is called "Sugidama". It is a signboard signaling when sake is ready.

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