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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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This is one of the top highland roads in Japan with an altitude above 2000m.
Shiga Kusatsu Highland Route / Route 292 Route

The Shiga Kusatu plateau route is one of the best highland roads in Japan. It is 41 km connecting Yudanaka in Nagano Prefecture and Kusatu Onsen in Gumma Prefecture.
Mountain roads are not uncommon in Japan as there are many mountains. However, this Shiga Kusatu plateau route is located at the highest altitude in the national highway of Japan. As a result, there will be more snowfall in winter and it will be closed to traffic.

Shiga Kusatsu Highland

However, this route will open from late April to mid November. It is snow that is left for us to entertain during this period. Immediately after opening it is surrounded by high snow wall. Going here on your own riding is a valuable experience.Spring is already available in other areas, but you can also enjoy skiing here. Even in the summer there may be a little snow. It is popular as a summer resort because it is high and cool here.
And there are many hot springs in this area. The starting point of the course is Yudanaka Onsen and the end point is Kusatu Onsen. Kusatu is the most famous hot spring in Japan. And there are several hot springs in the middle of the course. If you like hot springs, you should try it.
In the middle of the route you can enjoy various views. It is a beautiful Shiga Kogen, mountains in Nagano Prefecture, alpine plants, wonderful winding roads and so on.
Riding here by yourself will be a wonderful experience.

Start to Shiga Kusatsu plateau

Access to the Shiga Kusatu plateau route is easy. There is the starting point Yudanaka Onsen near the Shinshu Nakano interchange of the Joshinetsu Expressway.

Nice road

The road condition is good. Winding load road seems best for motorcycle riders.

Shiga Kogen national park

Shiga Kogen is designated as a national park. Here is the natural hot spring called Hiradoko spring. What looks behind is the steam of hot springs.

Mountain view

Look at the mountains of the plateau. I went here this late May, but there are still plenty of snow.

Highest place of national road

This is the highest altitude place in the national highway in Japan. This neighborhood is a bit cold, so we need deliberate clothing.

Wonderful windhinroad

You can understand that this is a wonderful mountain path in this picture. And here are a lot of sightseeing buses and sightseeing buses so please refrain from the speed of the motorcycle.

Kusatu hot spring

This is the Kusatsu hot spring of the route end point. There is a hot spring pond in the center of the town. There are many good ryokans, so it's a good idea to book your schedule.

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