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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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Journey to visit ancient warlords Part 2
We went from Kawanakajima to Echigo.

This time is the continuation of the previous report. We will head to the territory of KENSHIN UESUGI, a medieval warlord. His territory is now "Niigata Prefecture". It is an elongated land on the Japan Sea side.
Since it is an area where much snow falls in winter, spring to autumn is recommended if you go by motorcycle.
This area is richly harvested and its economic strength supported UESUGI KENSIN.
He cherished his citizens carefully and was respected as a good monarch. For example he emphasizes farmers, war did not do during agriculture busy season. Lords of other land do not do it.

Touring to Echigo

There is also an episode showing his personality. It is a story with TAKEDA SHINGEN mentioned in the previous report. TAKEDA's territory has only mountains and no ocean.For that reason sometimes the salt runs short in his territory. It is possible to damage Takeda if UESUGI stops trading salt.But UESUGI did not take that measure. He thought that the morality of SAMURAI is to decide the victory or defeat by "battle".
UESUGI which was a character of this noble character is still a subject of respect. However, he will do thoroughly when it comes to fighting. On his battlefield flag is written "Kanji" "Bi".This is an abbreviation meaning "Bisyamonten" of God of battle in Buddhism. UESUGI who fought with this flag raised was feared by his enemies under the name "tiger".

Echigo Kasugayama

This is a trace of Kasugayama A castle of UESUGI KENSIN. Now the building is gone, stone walls of the foundation are left.

Uesugi Kensin

This is the statue of UESUGI KENSIN. He is watching the town from a slightly higher place.

Bisyamonten flag

This is the flag of UESUGI KENSIN. This is an abbreviation meaning "Bisyamonten" of God of battle in Buddhism.

Sea of Japan

We came to the coast of the Sea of Japan. The Sea of Japan is a bit dark blue. The Japan Sea in winter is rough, but summer is calm.

Itoigawa city

We went to the west coastline and came to ITOIGAWA city. Anyone can sample jade on the coast here. Also there is a myth that is named after that jade.

Saly road

We go south from Itoigawa city. This is an old road, salt and marine products were carried from the sea of Niigata towards the inland. Therefore, there is another name "salt road".

Aooni village

We entered Nagano Prefecture side from Niigata, and there was a village when we go a little side street.It is the Aooni area where the old landscape remains unchanged.


Paddy fields which got cool water of the mountains are growing green. It is a beautiful rice paddy where delicious rice can be harvested.

SInsyu road

This area can do a fun Touring anywhere. There are few famous sightseeing spots, but it is a wonderful place for us to enjoy motorcycles.

Traffic volume
There are many trucks on national road No. 8 on the Japanese coast. However, there is little traffic jam.
Road surface
Motorcycle riding is difficult for winter because of heavy snowfall areas. We recommend that this area go from spring to autumn.

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