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A trip to visit an old samurai. Part 1
We went from Kawanakajima to Echigo.

Are you interested in medieval Japanese warlords? There was a civil war in the country 500 years ago in Japan. SAMURAI in various places contested for hegemony.
Two of the many famous samurai are TAKEDA SHINGEN and UESUGI KENSHIN. These two had neighboring territories and fought as lifelong rivals.
Both of them are brave warlords with excellent intelligence and are highly respected in contemporary Japan.
We will follow this footprints and report this time.


Do you know the samurai TAKEDA SHINGEN? AKIRA KUROSAWA has produced a movie in 1980 about him. It is a movie called "KAGEMUSYA", you may also know.
TAKEDA SHINGEN 's territory is now around Yamanashi Prefecture and Nagano Prefecture. Also, the territory of UESUGI KENNSHIN is roughly equivalent to Niigata Prefecture. Actually these areas are also the best land for motorcycle touring.
On the battlefield called KAWANAKAJIMA, they fought over and over again. It was here in the middle of the CHIKUMA River river armies confronted each other across the river. Although they fought a number of times, they finished their lives without reaching the conclusion. It is said that if two people were living long, they might have had the ability to rule over Japan.
Well, this is the first part of this report. We went to the battle field KAWANAKAJIMA. This land has changed to a field now and it has become a very quiet land. In the vicinity there is a front base of TAKEDA called "KAIZU Castle".This place is often used for television and movie dramas.
Please pay attention to this flag in the historic site of this castle and the old battlefield. There is written FURINKAZAN in Kanji there. This is TAKEDA's SAMURAI slogan. The meaning of the word is "It is as fast as the wind, quiet like a forest, intense like a fire, it does not move like a mountain". Yes, it is cool.

Kawanakajima Yahatajinjya

At Kawanakajima's battlefield, Yawata Shrine was built. This is memorial to the war dead. Japanese samurai respects war dead without distinguishing enemy ally.

Takeda vs Uesugi

There is a legend that TAKEDA and UESUGI fought directly once. This statue is a reproduction of the scene.

Kawanakjima view by Saijyuzan

This is the scenery overlooking KAWANAKAJIMA from the hill called SAIJYOZAN. In this SAIJYOZAN the UESUGI army set up a team.

Kaizu Castle

This is KAIZU Castle. It is a compact castle suitable for real warfare avoiding spectacular and useless architecture.

Takeda Flag

Flags of TAKEDA that breathe in the wind. The SAMURAI slogan will appeal TAKEDA's excellence.


This is a famous temple called Zenkoji. It is a unique temple that does not belong to a specific denomination. It has collected a lot of people's faith from ancient times.

Big incense burner

Zenkoji is a very big temple and its incense burner is also very big. There is a story that it will heal when you take this smoke at the part where the body is suffered.

road of japan

The surroundings of KAWANAKAJIMA and Zenkoji are crowded, but there are many comfortable roads when leaving a little.

Sinsyu soba

Buckwheat cultivation is thriving around this area. Please eat delicious "Shinshu soba".

Traffic volume
There are many residents and tourists' vehicles around the city center and sightseeing spots
. But comfortable when you leave there.
Road surface
The road condition is good. However, please be careful in the winter because the road surface is frozen.

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