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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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All the sight is a superb view of the Sea of Japan.
Echigo Nanaura Seaside Line / National Highway No. 402

In the Sea of Japan the dark blue is very beautiful. Niigata Prefecture has a wonderful coastline along the Sea of Japan. You should definitely go to the Echigo Nanaura seaside line in Niigata Prefecture.
This road is seldom described in tourist information magazines and it is not very famous. The road is also 14 km long, so it is not long.But those who went here did not forget the scenery lifelong. That is a very shocking sight.

National Road 402

I went south along the coast from Niigata City, which is the biggest city on the Japan Sea side. There is a sandy beach about 30 km long. Because it is a beach resort in summer, there is also a traffic jam. However, as you go a little from the sandy beach there is a rough coast.
There are many bizarre rocks made by the rough wave of the Sea of Japan. The road made on the rocky area is repeatedly curved, rising and descending. This is the great appeal of this route.
There is another fun on this road. Because the height of the road changes greatly, the wave comes close to us in low position. It's not dangerous, but you will be surprised.
Unfortunately, the width of the road is narrow and the parking area is small. Of course, riding a motorcycle here is a rare experience.
Please experience this scarce road in Japan's long coastline.

Niigata Coastal road

It is a riding while watching the Sea of Japan. The color of the sea is deep and blue.

Izuomozaki town

This is IZUMOZAKI Town. The atmosphere of a little old days is left. It is a town that prospered ocean trading for many years.

Izumozaki down town

It is a townscape that leaves an old style. There are rare oil wells in Japan here.


Take Route 116 from Echigo Nanaura Seaside Line. It is a mysterious "KORAKUEN" shop.

Self vender

There are unusual food vending machines, and we can stay.

Clab noodles

The temple area of Nagaoka city is famous for seafood. The seafood market street is very cheap and delicious with fresh seafood! You should also try luxurious crab noodles!

Dokaben road

"Mizushima Shinji" depicting a baseball manga is a cartoonist born in Niigata. A bronze statue of the character of manga drawn by him is set in the town. Here is the street named "Dokaben Road" originating from the title of the manga.

Traffic information
It is close to sightseeing spot, but traffic is few. Please be aware that local vehicles will run at high speeds.
Road surface
It is a high-level road surface. But when the ocean becomes rough, waves reach the road. Please pay attention to wet road surface.

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