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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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Beyond the pass is a historical summer resort, where it is a cool heaven.
Mt. Asama and Onioshidashi Highway

The heat of summer in Japan is severe. Especially urban areas such as Tokyo are very hot.
So I went to one of Japan's Summer resort in this tour report.
The plateau spreading at the foot of the volcano called Asama is cool and comfortable even in summer. This is a resort area where many people come from long ago.
In modern times you can easily go by bullet train from Tokyo. However, in the past it was a place to transfer a railroad and go beyond a hard pass. We will arrive in Karuizawa beyond Usui Pass from Gumma Prefecture. This Karuizawa has many villas. There are plenty of novels that made this the subject in the land which the cultural people such as novelist loved from long ago.
It is also an important land for our Japanese riders.
It is the foot of Mt. Asama that Japanese motorcycle manufacturers began racing after the Second World War.

This is Mt. Asama. Volcanic activity is taking a break.

Coming here from Tokyo is fast if you use the expressway. However, we crossed the Usui Pass this time as it used to be. Because the way from Yokokawa to Usui Pass is a wonderful winding.
The road curve is wonderful, and the old railway remains is cool. If you come to Japan in the summer, I definitely would like you to see this area.

Good winding road

From Yokokawa head to Usui Pass. Winding road dive under the green tunnel.

Wonderful railway remains

This is now a railway bridge that was abolished. Train tracks are used as boardwalks.

Gradually becomes cooler

As the altitude rises toward the pass, the temperature drops and it is comfortable. Summer is also wonderful, but autumn leaves are also a beautiful place.

Karuizawa main street

This is the center of Karuizawa, and a lot of eating and drinking establishments are open. Summer is crowded with tourists.

Villas in Karuizawa

A number of pretty buildings are lined up in the villa ground of Karuizawa.

Onioshi Highway

This is a toll road called Onioshi Highway. It is a wonderful road worth paying.


It is the wilderness called Onioshi which is the origin of the name of Onioshidashi. This is a lava of Mt. Asama, but medieval people interpreted as "rocky which Oni pressed".

Asama Race Track

This is the trace of the Asama race venue. Now it's a ranch. In the past it was a race with no distinction between on-road and off-road.

Asama Memorial Hall

This is Asama Memorial Hall. There are historical materials of the Asama race and exhibits of the motorcycle at the time.


There are plenty of accommodation facilities as it is a famous summer resort. We stayed at Saku city next door. This is a hotel with a high reputation for the quality of meals. And the accommodation fee is affordable.

 Traffic volume

There are a lot of traffic on summer holidays. Traffic jams around the main street in Karuizawa. But if you leave it a bit, you can enjoy comfortably in motorcycles.
Attention is needed for unpredictable movement of tourists.
Road surface
The road surface is almost good. There are widths on the road, and the pavement is beautiful.
However, in late autumn and winter there is snowfall and freezing.

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