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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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It is a heavenly road with an altitude of 1800 m.
Venus Line of Nagano Prefecture.

That name is also a Venus line.This is the road for some of the most famous motorcycles in Japan.
From the plateau to the mountainous area, it is a feature of the landscape route with many changes. Since the scene changes variously, I did not get tired of even a long distance of about 76 km in total length.
This road crosses Shinshu in the north and south, and many tourist points such as Tateshina Highlands, Yatsugatake Mountain Foot, Shirakaba Lake, Kaoyama Plateau, Kirigamine and Mikigahara are connected.

venus line in nagano

Because it is such a road, the passage of sightseeing cars and sightseeing buses increases on holidays. However, there are few traffic lights in most sections, and the flow is never bad.
The characteristic of this road is divided into the highlands of the southern part and the mountainous regional landscape of the north.Both are wonderful windings, but more recommended is the route of the southern highlands.
Specifically, it is the area such as Kirigamine and Kurumayama plateaus. Forest of bamboo peculiar to the plateau, many hills, steep mountains seen in the distance are wonderful. All this scene is focused here.
The Venus Line which has so many beautiful scenes so far is probably called "a full course dish of the view".

Kurumayama plateau

It is a road that penetrates the beautiful plateau that blooms in the azalea. The view of the southern Venus Line is particularly wonderful. This picture is Kurumayama plateaus. I am pleased with the good access that this place is less than an hour from the Suwa IC on the Central Expressway.

Looking Tatesina

This is "God observatory of women" located on the north side of Lake Tateshina along the Venus Line. The altitude is 1,700 m and you can see the mountains of Yatsugatake and Southern Alps. The green of the primeval forest spreading under the eyes is also very beautiful. Depending on the weather you may be able to enjoy the astonishing sea of clouds.

Utukusigahara Plateau

The Utukusigahara Plateau at the end of the Venus Line is at altitude 2000 m. Below you can see the horizon of the clouds and clouds. This is the domestic highland which can be reached by motorbike.

back side Venus Line

This is Nagano Prefectural Route 62, commonly known as "back side Venus Line". It goes west from the end point on the Venus line and is branching off from the Utukusigahara skyline. The distance is short, about 5 km, but its comfort is outstanding.

Near Matumoto

In the "back side Venus Line" the flowers blooming in full bloom are alive and the atmosphere different from Venus Line is also attractive. If we come so far, Matsumoto City is nearby.

Simosuwa don

Because there are few restaurants in Venus Line, lunch should be taken in Suwa Town. Especially recommended a meal called "Happy Shimosuwa Don" in unique Shimosuwa machi.

Traffic volume
This is the path of the landscape that everyone knows. There are lots of tourists' cars on holidays. Since there are many riders that exceed the speed, let's pay attention to accidents between the bikes.
Road surface
Road pavement is good and wide. Although there is a falling rock a little, it is a nearly comfortable road. However, because the shoulder is narrow, easy parking is dangerous. Because there are few resting places, early breaks are the best.

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