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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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Scenery of the most delicious rice-producing region in Japan!
Uonuma Skyline (Niigata Prefectural Highway No. 560)

Uonuma Skyline (Niigata Prefectural Highway No. 560)is the mountain winding route with the best view in the area.The distance was 18.8 km, and in 1970 it opened in the past as a toll road. Currently it crosses the ridgeline of the Uonuma Hills in the north and south on a free road.
This road has very little traffic except for sightseeing purpose. Therefore, even in the high season there is no traffic jam, you can enjoy comfortable riding.

Uonuma skyline

The highlight is a view overlooking the Uonuma Basin. Observatory is installed at three places of Uonuma Observatory, Tokamachi Observatory, and Hachinohe Pass Observatory, and the cityscape can be overlooked under the eyes.
The endlessly spread countryside is the harvest place of Japan's finest rice "Koshihikari". You can see Hakkaisan far in the distance. The powerful large panorama is a truly spectacular scene with no emotional mistakes.
The fun of the approach route will also be one of the characteristics of Uonuma Skyline. Shiozawa Ishi IC is nearest when it is accessed at the Kanetsu Expressway. The skyline begins before Jyuni pass of National Route 353, which goes beyond the Uonuma Hills and continues to Tsunan Town in Niigata Prefecture, but this road is also the shortest route from the metropolitan area towards the North Sinsyu.

Winding road

This is the approach route to the Uonuma skyline, near jyuni pass of National Highway No. 353 which exceeds the Uonuma Hills. I recommend using this skyline when traveling to Shinshu.

Japanese road

Snowshed looks like a snake. This is also an approach route to the Uonuma skyline Route 253, connecting the town of Tokamachi with the city of Muikamachi.The snow country's own landscape is unique.

Spoon curve

The approach route to the Uonuma Skyline is numerous, including narrow roads. The road condition is not good, but the wonderful view is pleasant.

Nigaht View

Night view is beautiful Observation point is famous locally. Illumination of the Kanetsu Highway and the lights of the Uonuma Basin are wonderful. However, there is no street light on the road so please be careful at night.

Old road

Although the skyline is roughly two lanes, it is a narrow road with no roadside area. There is also a section where a chatter bar (commonly cat's eye) is installed.

Old town Shiozawasyuku

There is Shiozawasyuku town near the Uonuma Hills. Main street named "Makiyuki street" named after novelist Makiyuki Suzuki, keeps the old atmosphere by excluding telegraph pillars.

Traffic volume
Traffic volume is very small. However, there are a lot of local riders and drivers that run at high speed, so care is essential.
Road surface
Although it was a toll road in the past, it is hard to say that it is a comfortable route because there are many narrow sections. Because there are rough roads and falling rocks, please pay special attention to large motorcycles.

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