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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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A road crossing a steep slope with a tilt angle of 38 °!
I visited the mountain route "Shimoguri no Sato" where the gods are.

The southern Alps, also known as the Akaishi Mountains, is a large mountainous area with mountains of 3000 meters in length.It ranges between Nagano prefecture, Shizuoka prefecture and Yamanashi prefecture and three prefectures, and because of the difficulty of trekking, it is also called a true unexplored area.
In the mountain of the Southern Alps, there is a settlement called Shimoguri no sato Village at an altitude of 800 to 1100 m. Very quiet This is a small village with about 60 houses and about 150 inhabitants.Because rice and wheat do not grow at high altitude, it is a settlement of people who grow soba, vegetables and millets and live with nature.It is also certified as "100 Nihon no Sato", it is mountain village that became famous nationwide.

Old village

All journeys to the view point overlooking the whole village are narrow and 1.5 lanes. Although it is a paved road, there is a falling stone and the road surface is also not good at all.It is necessary to pass a lot of hairpin curves and bad roads, which is a trial for beginner riders.
However, there is a beautiful view with a falling height of about 1000 m and the excitement of here alone. Even if there is difficulty, a wonderful scenery is waiting for us.
It is a motorcycle privilege that can enjoy the narrowness of this road.


It is a slope in the mountains isolated from the city. It is the village of Shimoguri who is pioneering here and living.With this scenery, it is strange that you can visit in a few hours from the big city.

Poteto snuck

It is a potato called "Nido Imo" which is a special product of Shimokuri no Sato. It is cultivated from ancient times as an important nutrient source in this altitude high cold area.
It features sweet chestnut-like taste. It is delicious to eat in this area's traditional walnut miso.


The echo line traveling along the Alpine ridge from the village of Shimokuri is a 1.5-lane but dynamic mountain landscape is a wonderful road.This is an unusual route crossing the inside of the meteorite crater that collided with ancient times near Miikeyama.

Crater road

I looked down the center from the edge of the crater.
The echo line is a scenic route with the 3000 m class Southern Alps, but there are many falling rocks and attention is needed on the road surface.

Cool Crear water

There is a lot of spring water around this Alpus foot. There are several spring spots along the road and you can drink cold natural water.

Eat bug

Insects have been eaten as an important protein source in some cold areas where cultivation of crops is difficult.Currently the habit of eating insects continues, it can be purchased at the supermarket.Some insects are hard to eat, but there are also delicious ones.
Insects named locusts are cheap and taste similar to shrimp is delicious. Please try once.

Sky road

There is another wonderful area near the village of Shimoguri. It is near the boundary between Gifu and Nagano prefectures, which is Kaida Kogen.
National Route 361 which is also the main contact road with Takayama City is a route that you can see Ontakeyama over 3000 m in altitude.

Katudon Iida style

This is the famous dish of Komagane city nearby.It is called "Sauce Katudon", and a large boneless pork cutlet is served in the bowl.
If you come to this area, you definitely should eat it.

Traffic volume
There are almost no weekdays. However, because many tourists visit on holidays, it is a little crowded near the village of Shimoguri. There is no traffic jam near Toyama Township.
Road surface
The surrounding roads are almost entirely paved including forest roads. There are some cracks and steps. The national highway and major roads are wide and have no problems. Let's pay attention to falling rocks throughout.

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