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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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"Nanshin area" which is near from Nagoya.
I enjoyed the rustic mountain road.

"Nanshin area" means "South area of Shinshuu".
Needless to say, Shinshu is one of Japan's leading motorcycle touring areas.
However, "Nanshin" is not good from Kanto and Kansai.
As a result, this area is not very popular in reality.
So I went to explore in this area to convey information on this area.

Distant view of Nanshin.

In order to go to this area it is common to use the Tomei Expressway or the Central Highway.
I approached from Nagoya using Tomei Expressway.
Unlike neighboring cities, this "Nanshin" leaves an old Japanese landscape.
This is a place where the flow of time is gentle. I think you should touring slowly.
The major tourist spots are few, but the scenery is a wonderful area.
Magome and Tumago, published in the world tour guide "Lonely Planet" are also in this area.
I assure you that it is a wonderful place to enjoy the old sight of Japan.
Because there are few public transportation, please travel by your own driving.

Torii of Hachioji shrine.

It is a region where development has not progressed, but people have lived since ancient times.
Therefore even a small shrine has a long history.

The world's largest ceramic stone guardian.

Do you know Komainu? It is a gatekeeper of a shrine in a pair of animals.
Komainu in this picture is made by the world's largest pottery. The vicinity of Nagoya is the producing place of one of Japan's most pottery.

Nanshin's idyllic road.

Peaceful rural areas are dotted in the mountains. Please drive slowly the motorcycle.

Akechi Railway

This is a local railway called the Akechi railroad. With this vehicle you can understand the extent of the countryside in this area.

Magome station town

It is the town of Akechi which is the end point of Akechi Railroad. The cityscape of 100 years ago remains as it is.

Wonderful windhinroad

This is Magome. It is a historic site of an old Japanese road. For details, please refer to "Lonely Planet".

Nanshin's winding road

Since it is a mountain road, the curves are continuous. Since the traffic volume is small, you can enjoy motorcycles comfortably.

Nanshin's winding road

The road is comfortable, but please pay attention to speed. Let's move east a little more.

Michinoeki Shimojo

This is a small village called Shimojyo mura. This building looks like a classic castle. But this is a facility for travelers.
This is Michinoeki Shimojo. About Michinoeki, please click here.

Shimojo village specialty noodles soba

The specialty of Shimojo is soba. Originally Shinshu is famous for producing soba, but buckwheat in Shimojo is especially high quality.
Please look at this tableware. It is a pottery in the shape of a castle. It is luxurious and unique.
Not only looks but also taste was great buckwheat. This is provided by Michinoeki.

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