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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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There is a mystery in Japanese history.
I went to Kofu to see the monument of strange stone.

I think you know too, but there are many historical relics in Japan. It is a shrine, a temple, a statue of Buddha etc. These relics have origin, and I know mostly how and how they made it.
But sometimes, there is something that no one knows at all.
I tried visiting Kofu in Yamanashi prefecture to see the mysterious relics.

In Kofu city

Kofu is about 2 hours away on the highway from the center of Tokyo. There are many mysterious stone monuments in this area.
Stones of the size of round watermelon are enshrined everywhere in the city. This is called "MARUISHIGAMI" from people. Translation of the word means "the god of a round stone". This god has no connection with Shinto or Buddhism. And strangely, people do not know at all what this God is.
It is presumed that it is a rustic primitive religion, but researchers are still not interested, so it is still a mystery.
Kofu is a basin surrounded by mountains. There is a shrine that originates from megalithic faith. It seems to me that the consciousness of the reverence for the stones and rocks of the people in this area is slightly different from other areas. Why do not you go to Kofu to see strange stones?


This is "MARUISHIGAMI". Natural stones are rounded. However, nobody knows when and who made it.
There are hundreds of such "MARUISHIGAMI" in the city.

Oishi shrine

People in this area have long had a unique religious philosophy against stones.
It is this "Ohishi Jinjya" to prove it. This is a small shrine, but there are features not found in other shrines.

Huge rock,Its meen the God.

Please see the huge rock of the shrine. The god of this shrine is a huge rock.

Rock budda

There are other relics to rocks and stones. Did you notice the strange part of this picture?
The road is made avoiding the rock. 
If it is civil engineering technology in Japan it is not difficult to make the road straight. 
However, looking at this picture, the constructor is refrained from the rock.

Kubi jizo

Someone is holding a small head on this rock. He treats a big rock as a Buddha image.

Kofu land scape

Kofu's charm is not just rocks and rocks. As it is surrounded by mountains, there are plenty of great country roads out of town center.

Popular samurai Takeda Shingen

This is the statue of a samurai who owned this land over 400 years ago. He is a very popular samurai named Takeda Shingen.
There are a lot of his historical sites in Kofu.

Grapes farm

Kofu is a place where fruit growing is popular.
Especially famous are grapes, and there are lots of unusual wineries in Japan. I will recommend it to your souvenir.

Kosyu Katudon

At the end we will introduce a little rare Kofu cuisine.
Speaking of Kofu, "noodle soup" is famous as "Houtou".
But I found this dish. This is called "Kosyu Katudon". Tonkatu is gathered up by a rice bowl. Unlike Katudon we can eat in Tokyo, this is not using eggs. If you have the opportunity, please try it.

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