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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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The circumference of Mt.Fuji is the best for motorcycle touring.
I went to the northern area called Fujigoko. Part 2

Our Japanese love Mt. Fuji. I hope that you will like this mountain too. So I will introduce touring course of Mt. Fuji following last time.
Last time it was a report on Lake Yamanakako and Kawaguchiko, and Fuji climbing road. This time I will show you some interesting places, although it is a bit minor. There was a mysterious place there.

Mt.Fuji and motorcycle

There is Fujigoko near Mt. Fuji. That is five lakes, Yamanakako, Kawaguchiko, Saiko, Syojiko and Motosuko. Lake Yamanakako and Kawaguchiko are popular, but others are not so famous. In addition to that there is also a small lake called Lake Shibire.
I do not understand why they are not popular. I think the quiet lake is attractive. Yes, it is perfect for riding a motorcycle. Because the traffic on the road is small. Most lakes have a circumferential road, and comfortable touring is possible.
Fuji is the perfect place for summer resorts. This area is cool because it has a high altitude. The air is also very clear. I think that it is the best luxury to go here in summer vacation.
If you are an early riser, you can go around Mt. Fuji on a day trip. That way you will definitely love Mt. Fuji.

Cave of Narusawa Hyouketu

This is located just beside National Route 139. This is the place called Narusawa Hyouketu. This is a cave generated by the volcanic activity of Mt. Fuji.

Natural Ice

Please get off the stairs in the cave. There is something you can not believe. Strange to say it is ice. Outside the cave it is midsummer at 30 degrees Celsius, but here there is natural ice. This is a mystery of Mt. Fuji.

Forest road

Furthermore we proceeded west west. There was a sign that wrote "Aokigahara Jyukai" on this road that opened the forest. What is Jyukai?

Aokigahara Jyukai

This is Jyukai. It means "sea of trees" in Japanese. It is a place where a vast forest has been completed over a long period of time on the land where lava flowed from Mt.fuji settled. Here is a legend that the compass magnet is useless, and once you get lost you will never escape.

Lake Shibire

This is a little known little lake. It is a place called Lake Shibire. It is a lovely lake with few people even in summer.

Lake Motosu and Mt.Fuji

Do you have a thousand yen paper money in Japan? The place drawn on the paper money is here. This is the lake side of Lake Motosu. You can take a photo with a wonderful Mt. Fuji. (This picture is about April, the snow of Mt. Fuji will be less in midsummer)

Deer Curry

There are many wild animals around Mt. Fuji. That is not a bad thing. But there are some troubles. Deer ruins the field and the forest. The local people thought of a food using deer. This picture is a deer curry. I thought that it was very tasty. This is provided at the restaurant on the shore of Lake Shoji.

Asagiri plateau

This is the Asagiri plateau on the western side of Mount Fuji. Please enjoy magnificent Mt. Fuji highland road.

South of Mt.Fuji

We tried going south of Mount Fuji. The major tourist attractions are few on the south side. But the road is wonderful. Since traffic volume is also small, you can enjoy riding purely.

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