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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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The circumference of Mt.Fuji is the best for motorcycle touring.
I went to the northern area called Fujigoko. Part 1

If you know anything about Japan, you probably have heard of the name "Mt. Fuji". Mt. Fuji is a mountain symbolizing Japan, and is loved by Japanese people from long ago. Recently it was registered as a World Heritage site and became famous even in foreign countries.
Mt. Fuji and its surroundings are popular tourist destinations. Its range is wide and it is difficult to see everything on general pack tours.
But we are motorcycle riders. You can go anywhere with your own will. The road condition around Mt.Fuji is also good, which is the best for motorcycle touring.

Mt.Fuji and motorcycle

We went to the area called "Fujigoko" on the north side of Mt. Fuji. Fujigoko means "five lakes of Mt. Fuji". Fuji has abundant spring water around it, which fills the lakes.
In the first half of the article, we will first report the lake Yamanaka and the area around Lake Kawaguchi.
To access from Tokyo you can either use Central Highway or Tomei Expressway. It is very convenient to choose either. Because you can move efficiently, day trips are also possible.
I really want you to see this area "OshinoHakkai". This is a beautiful spring with spring water from Mt. Fuji Especially this place is popular with tourists from abroad.
And of course look at the lake. Lake Yamanaka and Kawaguchiko are especially popular lakes. There are various facilities on the lake side, and it is maintained as a sightseeing place. There is also a hot-spring inn near the lake Kawaguchi so it is okay to think of accommodation plan. Fuji and lake early in the morning you stayed is a wonderful landscape.
This Fujigoko area has high altitude. Snow in winter is few places, but there is freezing. The season we recommend is from spring to autumn.
And because it is a popular tourist destination, the traffic volume on holiday is so much, so if you go here we recommend weekday.

Fujigoko road

Mt. Fuji in the early morning is visible in the distance. This road is a toll road called "Higashi Fujigoko Road". It is a beautiful route crossing the foot of Mount Fuji, connecting Lake Yamanaka and Kawaguchiko.


There is Oshino village between Yamanakako and Kawaguchiko. Here is the place called "Oshino Hakkai". It is a spring of water flowing from Mt. Fuji.

clear water

Does this picture convey the beauty of water to you? Trout is swimming in clear and cold water.

Lake Yamanakako

This is a picture taken from the shore of Lake Yamanakako. Most lakes have an outer road, and if the angle is good you can see Mt. Fuji.

Lake Kawaguchiko

This is a picture of Lake Kawaguchi. There are parking spaces around the lake's outer road.

Kawaguchiko view

It is a picture overlooking Lake Kawaguchiko from the hill. There is a ropeway on the banks of Lake Kawaguchiko so you can see a better landscape.

Road of Fuji subaru line

From Kawaguchiko Town I went to Mt Fuji Road. This road nicknamed "Fuji Subaru Line" is a road that climbs toward Mt. Fuji. The altitude rises steadily.


The highest point of this road is 2305 m. It is a slightly different form from Mt. Fuji seen from the bottom.

Fuji Yoshida Udon

Fujiyoshida city next to Kawaguchiko has its own food. That is Yoshida Udon. It uses elastic noodles, ingredients such as cabbage. There are plenty of shops in the city so please eat it.

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