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This is an information site for touring Japan by motorcycle.

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How to riding in Japan.

How do you get a motorcycle to ride in Japan?
It has two options.
You own motorcycle in your country, carry it to Japan.
Or you can rental a motorcycle in Japan.
Since Japan is an island country it is not easy to carry a motorcycle.
Therefore, "rental" is usually a common way.
To rent motorcycles and cars in Japan, a passport or license is required.
Please contact the link below.
In case you wish to run Japan in the motorcycle you possess.
Since conditions may vary depending on your country,Please contact the following Japanese diplomatic mission.
 Embassies & Consulates

Two motorcycles

Do you know how to ride motorcycles in Japan?
Please look at this photo. In Japan, the law that motorcycles and cars run on the left side of lane.
People in the UK are fine, but people in the continent of America and Europe need attention.
Next is a license. There is no problem if you have a Japanese driver's license, but an international driver's license is usually necessary. In Japan, licenses for cars and motorcycles are separate categories. A license corresponding to the traveling vehicle is required.
Please check the link below for detailed information on traffic rules and license.
National Police Agency
Japan Automobile Federation

Nice curve

Please look at the mark on the right. An oblique mark is a road sign for "do not park".
Japan is strictly enforced for parking violations.
It applies not only to automobiles but also to motorcycles.
It is not strict in the countryside, but please be especially careful in the city.
The numbers under it are traffic signs of "speed limit".
In Japan, we adopt the metric system. This is a traffic sign with 50 km / h limit.
People in countries that adopt the yard pound method should be careful.
Commentary on such traffic signs is also explained in detail in the following links.
National Police Agency

Traffic signs 1
Traffic signs 2

There are road signs you want to be particularly careful about.
Can you understand this red traffic sign?
Yes, you can not read because it is Japanese characters.
Please read this as "Tomare" in Japanese. The meaning is "Stop".
The picture below is the same. The letter on the road is "Stop".
I heard that traffic accidents of foreigners are on the rise because this character can not be read.
Please note that it is a road sign that has been adopted at so many intersections.
The signboards that include Japanese and "Stop" are increasing little by little, but it is still incomplete at the moment.

Traffic signs 1
Traffic signs 2

About Season.
There are four seasons in Japan. Do you know the best time to enjoy motorcycles in Japan?
If you strive, that is possible in all seasons.
However, it is difficult in Tohoku and Hokkaido in winter and Japan Sea side in Hokuriku.
It is not easy to enjoy motorcycles in winter as it is snowing and freezing.
Although it is not impossible to ride a motorcycle in winter, we recommend spring, summer, autumn.
Cherry blossoms in spring and leaves in autumn are beautiful. It is the season we recommend to the riders the most.
What do you think of the summer in Japan? Actually, it is quite hot in many parts of Japan. Our Japanese rider goes to the plateau in the summer. Or think that Hokkaido which is cool due to the high latitude is also good.
There is a period you should be careful about another one. It is a relatively good temperature in June, but it is rainy season in Japan. In Japan this rainy season is called "Tuyu". This climate phenomenon occurs mainly in the south of Honshu. Of course there is no problem if there is rain gear and your will.
Of course I think there are four seasons in your country, too. But the four seasons in Japan are very relevant to culture. It has a great influence on festivals, events, meals, etc. If you pay attention to this point, it is no doubt that traveling in Japan will be more enjoyable.

autumn leaves
Snow field

About wearing items.
To enjoy motorcycle correctly, helmets and gloves are necessities.This is rented out at a motorcycle rental shop.Or you can buy them at a motorcycle store.
There are important things when preparing these.When you ride a motorcycle in Japan, please be sure to carry rain gear.
Japan has a lot of rain time.Changes in the weather are quick, and changes in the elevation of the land are also intense.Rain gear is effective not only for measures against rain but also for cold weather.

Clothes on rainy day

There are convenient facilities for your trip.
Do you know “Michinoeki"?
This means "road station", it is a very useful facility for travelers.
This blue sign is its display.
What you can do here is resting, eating, buying local specialties.
There is a free extensive parking lot and you can get travel information.
It is located along the highway and sightseeing spots, and more than 1000 are built all over Japan.
This will surely be of use to your journey. Please do use it.
Michinoeki websaite

Road station in japan
Road station parking

About communication environment.
In general, the phone status of the mobile phone is good.
However, the penetration of free WiFi is now incomplete.
It is gradually improving, but it is not yet good.
You use paid mobile WiFi or communicate with a limited free access point.
For usage instructions, please see the link below.
Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi

Free wifai

Convenience store
There are many convenience stores in Japan.
You can always buy goods, food and drinks.
It is open 24 hours a day and there is no regular holiday.
Besides shopping, there is ATM, and in some cases there is also free WiFi service.
It is beneficial for you as a traveler.
We have set up links at major Japanese convenience store sites.

convenience store

About gas station.
There are two kinds of gas stations in Japan.
One is a service store by station staff. One is a self service station.
If you want to refuel, ask the staff about how to operate.
There are two kinds of gas. It's normal gas and premium gas.
Please choose according to the motorcycle.

Gas prices in Japan are constantly changing. Regular price of 1 liter is about 137yen, premium is about 148yen. (Jul. 2019)

Gas station in japan

The pavement of the Japanese road is not bad.And the motorcycle is very high performance.
However, there are also streets with poor visibility and areas with many pedestrians.
Please keep touring with no accident or violation in safe driving.
Then please enjoy Japan!

Japanese country road
weather forecast
  Road of Japan
to japanese map

Please visit a wonderful motorcycle manufacturer in Japan.
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