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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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The Izu Peninsula is the perfect touring area!
Izu area report part 4. / Central area of Izu.

Izu is close to the metropolitan area and is a wonderful place complete with all the seas, mountains, roads, hot springs, meals, climate.
It is difficult to inform you all to you with one report. This time we have reported the inland area of the Izu Peninsula. Izu is wonderful not only in coastal areas but also inland.

Road of Nakaizu

The Izu Peninsula is a land formed by volcanic activity in ancient times. That's why there are plenty of rough terrain with a lot of change. Unlike coastal areas, the inland parts of Izu are mostly mountainous regions. Therefore, there are many curves and ups and downs on the road. This is a nice environment for our riders.
In addition, the Izu Inland has many historical historical sites as well. Because of that it is sometimes used as a subject of popular songs and novels. And since this is the mountain area, there is also a unique food culture.
Since Izu has completely different elements in coastal area and inland area, you should schedule it well. You will certainly enjoy the good motorcycle touring with this Izu.

Izu sky line

For you to go to Nakaizu, it is convenient to use the Izu Skyline toll road. This is a very popular road to the riders in the metropolitan area, and many good motorcycles and cars are running on sunny days off.

Parking area

This is a sight of the parking area of the Izu Skyline. If you are sociable, you can get useful information by speaking with them.

Good road of Izu

The valley road is covered with trees, but the ridge road is bright and open.

Jyouren waterfall

This is a sightseeing spot called "Jyouren waterfall". The beautiful water of Izu is flowing.


The cultivation of Wasabi is thriving around "Jyouren waterfall". Wasabi is a spice unique to Japan, it is indispensable for Japanese cuisine such as sushi and Sashimi. Wasabi of good quality does not grow without the refreshing water.

Amagi Tunnel

This is the architectural heritage "Amagi Tunnel". It is not active because we have another big road. But this is popular because it has a good atmosphere.

Amagi loop bridge

Do you know what this is? This is a bridge on the national road "Amagi Loop Bridge". It is a spiral shaped bridge built to eliminate the height difference of the road. I can understand that the inland of Izu is steep mountainous area.


This is a temple named "Myoutokuji". It is an old temple built in 1391 AD, and there is something you are interested in here.

Ususama Myouou

The religious thought of Japan is a little unusual. Buddhism and Shintoism are mixed, it is polytheism. So many gods are in Japan. And this Myoutokuji is enshrined by the god of a very unusual toilet. The name of God is called "Ususama Myouou". This god is the task of cleaning the world's dirt. But what is on display here・・・・・Oh, I can not put it in words.

Wild boars meal

Wasabi is not the only inland food of Izu. Wild boars are also famous ingredients in this area. This is offered at restaurant and Minsyuku in the Amagi area. Please try by all means.

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