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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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If you go to Izu or Hakone, do not forget to go!
Numazu and Mishima area are interesting.

This time I will report the surroundings of Numazu City and Mishima City in Shizuoka Prefecture. It is an area adjacent to Izu and Hakone famous for motorcycle tourists.
However, Izu and Hakone are too good, so Numazu and Mishima have passed by everyone. I think it is a pity. Because there are lots of interesting things in this area.

Mt.Fuji and river

please look at this photo. It is a beautiful river and Mount Fuji. This picture was taken at KAKITAGAWA park near Mishima city. Mishima city is famous for its spring water from Mt. Fuji. Although there is no photograph, there is a big shrine called Mishima Taisha.This is famous for the beauty of cherry blossoms in spring. If you come to Japan in the spring, I think I should go to Mishima Taisha.
In this area blessed with beautiful water and abundant land there are mysterious ruins. Many tombs of ancient Japanese have been found. The shape is strange, but I understand that many people lived from long ago.
And Numazu is the deepest part of Suruga Bay. There is a wonderful fishing port. Delicious seafood dishes are served at this harbor where there are plenty of fresh fish.
Both Mishima City and Numazu City are cities. Therefore it is hard to say that motorcycle touring is interesting. However, it is not a bad idea to go to Mishima and Numazu for a while as I go to Izu and Hakone.

Kakitagawa river

This is Kakita River Park.This water is the snow that fell to Mt. Fuji hundreds of years ago.

water spring

This is the place where water is sprinkling. There are many in the park. The surprisingly transparent water becomes a river called Kakita River.

Old tomb

There are many mysterious holes in Kashiya Park in Kannami Town. What do you think this is?

Old tomb in japan

This is a tomb trace of about 1,300 years ago. Of course there are no bodies at present. I am the same Japanese, but I can not understand why an old man made such a grave.

Most small park

I have found another strange thing. This is Nagaizumi Town in the north of Mishima-shi. Do you see that strange things are reflected in this picture?

Smallest park in japan

That is this object. This is "the world's smallest park". No, that is not my claim. That is what Nagaizumi town officials say. I do not guarantee that it is the smallest in the world.

Mt.Fuji and beach

This is "Senbonhama park" in Numazu City. This name means the beach of a thousand pine trees. A lot of pine trees, beaches, and Mt. Fuji are beautiful places here.

Numazu port

We went to Numazu harbor. This is a harbor that is thriving in the fishery, so there are lots of marine products.


Please eat sushi for a little luxuriously when you go here. Fresh sushi is about 2000 to 4000 yen, seafood bowl is 1000 yen to 2000 yen. Considering its quality is a very profitable menu.

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