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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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The Izu Peninsula is the perfect touring area!
Izu area report part 3. / Nishi Izu National Route 136, Fujimi Cyokoku Line

Izu is close to the metropolitan area and is a wonderful place complete with all the seas, mountains, roads, hot springs, meals, climate.
It is difficult to inform you all to you with one report. This time we will report about "Fujimi sculpture line" of Nishi Izu.
National Route 136 is a main road connecting the coast along the western part of the Izu peninsula between north and south. This section "Fujimi Cyokoku Line" is the best section for riders on this road. The total distance is about 4 km from Matsuzaki Town to Kunimi Onsen and the distance is rather short. But this is a wonderful road with amazing landscapes.
The most important thing to see is the beautiful coastline. The unique cliff wall of Nishi Izu is wild and beautiful. You are touched by the deep blue sea and the natural beauty of the preserved coast.

Fujimi Cyokoku Line

Form of this road is also wonderful. Majestic up and down and continuous curve. It is the best road to ride a motorcycle because the road condition is also good. Moreover, since this area is near the southern end of the Izu peninsula, the traffic volume on weekends and holidays is not large.
The best section on this road is between Matsuzaki and Kumomi. When clearing the curve you can see Mt. Fuji from the clearance of the trees.
The meaning of the name of Fujimi Cyokoku Line means "the way of sculpture where Mt. Fuji can be seen" was established. Yes, sculptures produced by local students around the road are set up.
I do not agree whether the sculpture is wonderful or not. But the road is definitely wonderful!

Nishi Izu Beachi

It is a splendid winding road on the cliff. The combination of pine grove, Suruga Bay, Mt. Fuji is a must-see.

Ishibu town

Let's enter the branch in Ishibu district. There are paddy fields of rare shelves in Izu. Please note that the surrounding road is narrow.

Ishibu's rice field

This is Ishibu's rice field on the shelf. It is unusual masonry in eastern Japan. It is possible to see Mt. Fuji and the Southern Alps if the weather is nice.

Kumomi Senganmon

When you pass the Kumomi Onsen you will find "Kumomi Senganmon". This is a trace of an ancient subsea volcano. It became a bizarre shape due to wave erosion.

Kumomi hot spring

In the Izu area, hot springs are indispensable. Of course this Kumomi also has a hot spring. This is the Kumomi hot spring open-air bath. After parking a motorcycle you need to walk a bit to the bath. But the waveside hot spring is wonderful.


Local cuisine in this area is "Aji no Magochyazuke". We eat finely chopped fish with hot soup and rice. It is a delicious fisherman 's dish in this area.
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Traffic volume
It is close to the Kumi hot spring of the tourist spot on the main line of the Izu peninsula, but traffic volume is not large even on holidays and consecutive holidays. There are many ups and downs, so we need to ride carefully.
Road surface
Pavement is very good, but attention is needed for small falling rocks. Although there is a road width, since there are many curves, please pay attention to the over center line. Because the road side belt is narrow, please pay attention to the parking space.

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