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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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The Izu Peninsula is the perfect touring area!
Izu area report part 1. / Nishi Izu Skyline

Izu is close to the metropolitan area and is a wonderful place complete with all the seas, mountains, roads, hot springs, meals, climate.
It is difficult to inform you all to you with one report. This time I will report on Izu's "Nishi Izu Skyline".

Nishi Izu Skyline

Higashi Izu is the most popular among the riders in the Izu area. Because access to the area is easy. But being popular means a lot of traffic volume.Since the access around this "Nishiizu skyline" is a little far away, the place where the traffic volume is small is good.
Nishi Izu has few symbolic tourist attractions. But it is because it compares with Higashi Izu. Even Nishi Izu has delicious fish dishes, fine springs, and wonderful scenery.If the weather is okay you can appreciate the sights of Suruga Bay and Mt. Fuji. It is beauty like painting.
The way that you should go with Nishi Izu is "Nishiizu Skyline". It is a mountain road that traverses from Daruma Mountain of Izu Peninsula to Funabara Pass. The maximum height of the road surface is about 900 meters, a large curve and up and down are wonderful roads.It used to be a toll road in the past but now it's free. Because it is a road built on the ridgeline of the mountains, depending on the location, you can view Mt. Fuji, Suruga Bay and Sagami Bay at the same time.
The Izu area is compact and gathered. However, in addition to this Nishi Izu there are many wonderful sights.
Perhaps it's hard for you to go through everything in a day. Because there are many wonderful hot-spring resort, we recommend that you travel in Izu several days.

View of Nishi Izu

Suruga Bay is on the other side of the mountain ridgeline. Fuji can be seen like this if the weather is nice.

Touring by motorcycle

The sky is very wide. The road condition is also good, and here the motorcycle riding is happy. Riders in the Kanto region of Japan love this place.

Izu's winding road

It is a picture that you can understand well that it is a mountain road that traces the mountains. It is a comfortable road with less traffic.

A beautiful way in Japan

There are various curves and ups and downs of the road, and it is a pleasant road from beginners to veterans.

You will surely be hungry if you enjoy Nishi Izu Skylan. So please go to the town called the soil fertilizer on the west side of the Izu peninsula. Toi is a famous town with hot springs and seafood dishes. It is also possible to use ferries from Toi port to Shimizu port.

Japanese fish dishes

We went to a small sushi bar in the roadside. This is a magnificent seafood bowl. There are also menus of deep-sea fish sometimes rare.
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This is seafood rice bowl served at another shop. Both are wonderful fish dishes. These seafoods vary in kind and price depending on the season. Do you think it is inconvenient? No, that is what we are looking forward to.
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Traffic volume
There is not much because it is out of the center of tourism of Izu. But on weekends and consecutive holidays it may increase.
Road surface
The road width is wide and good. Even though only a part of it is rough, it is usually unnoticeable.

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