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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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The Izu Peninsula is the perfect touring area!
Izu Area Report Part 2. / Higashi Izu Hosono Highlands

Izu is close to the metropolitan area and is a wonderful place complete with all the seas, mountains, roads, hot springs, meals, climate.
It is difficult to inform you all to you with one report. This time we will report about "Hosono Highlands" of Higashi Izu.
Higashi Izu is the most popular among the riders in the Izu area. There are many famous tourist spots here.But we did a new discovery. I found a place that is not famous but has a wonderful view. That is called "Hosono Highlands" in Higashiizu-cho.

Hosono Plateau of Higashi Izu

We headed west from Higashiizu coastline. Then I understood the reason why this place was not so famous.The state of the road going there is not good. The road width is exactly equivalent to one passenger car, the slope is also strong and the road condition is not good. Ordinary tourists' cars are still good, but it is impossible for sightseeing buses to come here.
But do not worry. We are motorcycle riders. Even if it is a thin and rough road, there is no problem as long as it is careful.
After a dark forest on a narrow street there is a plateau at 800 meters above sea level. Oh, there was amazing scenery there.
In front of our eyes there is Cape Inatori. And it is blue Sagami Bay and wide sky. In retrospect, it is a prairie. This grass is called "Susuki", and in autumn we will make a beautiful flower stalk.And a narrow path meanders in the meadow. It seems difficult with a big motorcycle. No, there is no problem if you ride slowly.
People who enjoy paragliding and people who enjoy hiking are on this meadow, so please give priority to safety.
We think autumn is the best season for enjoying the big windmill and the grassland of Susuki.

Susuki's prairie

The road surface is flat and simple pavement. But up and down is repeated. It is called "big snake road".

Windmill of the plateau

It moved 4.5 kilometers southeast from Hosono Takahara. There is a huge wind power generation facility there. This is also a dynamic landscape. And Izu Oshima is visible on the horizon.

Wind power plant
There is an ocean in front of you and there is a plateau at your feet. It is a scenery not known so far in Izu. Because we are riders, we can easily go here.


What we were seeing from the plateau was Inatori Town. The boast of that town is seafood. Especially "Kinmedai" is a famous fish all over Japan. It is higher quality than the same fish in other areas. This picture is a dish of Kinmedai cooked in soy sauce. Because it is a big size it is a good way to share it with several people and eat.
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Mandarin orange juice

Boasting of Inatori is not just fish. In this area cultivation of "Mikan" flourishes. Fresh juice is offered at the roadside shop. You should try Japanese Orange "Mikan", too.

Fresh Juicer

Mikan is harvested from fall to winter. Other citrus fruits are offered in other seasons. Everything is delicious!
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Traffic volume
It is not a famous place so it is small. However, tourists are increasing recently.
Road surface
Simple paving is not good. The road width is also narrow and there are fallen leaves. Please ride carefully.

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