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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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From Toyama prefecture to Gifu prefecture.
The Buri Highway where the future and the past intersect.

This time I will introduce you to the route from Toyama Prefecture to Gifu Prefecture.
This was National Route 41, in the Middle Ages it was called "Buri Highway".
It was named for having carried "Buri" of fish caught in Toyama bay to the inland area.
It was an important road in the past, but now there is no congestion because the expressway is on the west side.


Since it is a road set up in the mountainous area, the curve is numerous. In addition, because it is a heavy snowfall area, it passes through many snowsheds. They are not offensive to us. It is all good condition to enjoy motorcycles.
Well, here is a very historical old road, but there is an interesting fact. There are many Nobel laureates along this highway. Especially it is located in Kamioka Town. It is a cosmic ray observation facility called "Super Kamiokande". Here, researchers are investigating the structure and history of the universe. This road is a mysterious road where the past and the future intersect.
By the way, if you visit this area, you should also go to neighboring areas. Please go west from "Buri road”. It is National Route 156. This is also an old road, but old is not only roads. A medieval village remains in its former days.
"Gokayama" on Toyama prefecture side and "Shirakawago" on Gifu prefecture side. Both of them are famous, so you may have known. They are precious villages registered as World Heritage sites. We wish you to see it directly by all means.


It is National Route 41 heading from Toyama to the south. Traffic volume was soon comfortable.

winding road

Although it is a mountain road, the road width is wide. A gentle curve is pleasant, but please be careful of over speed.


Super Kamiokande is a researcher's facility so we can not visit. However, research materials and copies of equipment are on display at the road station "Sky Dome Kamioka".


This is the state of "Shirakawago" village. The state of the Middle Ages remains as it is now.

Trout swiming

It is a stream of Shirakawago. A large trout was swimming in a clean flow.


This is Gokayama on Toyama prefecture side. I do the illusion that it has entered the world of Japanese old tale.

Gokayama Tofu

This is a local cuisine "Gokayama Tofu". People in this area make delicious tofu with clear water. It is not sweet, but please enjoy with dessert feeling.

Traffic volume
In the vicinity of Gokayama and Shirakawago are crowded with sightseeing buses and tourists. But comfortable if you leave there.
Road surface
It is generally good. However, in winter it is difficult to operate a motorcycle with snow and freezing. Shirakawago and Gokayama in winter are beautiful, but please use cars at that time.

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