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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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Ride a motorcycle under the gigantic windmill!
Aoyama Plateau park line / Mie prefecture

The Aoyama plateau park line should go as you visit Mie prefecture. This is the border between Tsu city and Iga City, which is a major tour road for riders in the Kinki district.
The altitude is about 750 m. You can enjoy the winding route for about 10 km. Moreover, the traffic volume is low.The view is not good in the first half, but the landscape changes completely after that peak.

A huge windmill

Ise Bay looks far beyond. And a lot of windmills are standing on the ridgeline. These are a total of 24 huge windmills exceeding 50 meters in diameter, the largest in Japan.
There are many middle high speed corners where the road surface condition is also good and easy to run with motorcycles.
However, because the altitude is rather high here, I am worried about snow accumulation in winter. Please check the weather condition before you go.

Wind and sky and windmill

This is the Aoyama plateau wind farm where 24 windmills are forested. The windmill group can also be seen from Tsu city. The view is good enough to see the Iga direction from here, but there is no restaurant so please devise your schedule.

Replicating museum in the ruble

I found the second Louvre museum at the foot of the Aoyama plateau!
Here we are officially obtaining permission from the real Louvre museum, and copies of the direct type taken from the real thing are displayed.

Copy of Rosetta Stone

This is a replica of that "Rosetta Stone". Naturally it is a perfect copy. You are amazed at the splendid work which is not inferior to the real thing.

Mysterious Kannon

There is also a big Kannon Bosatsu of 33 meters of pure gold (?), But I do not know why it is here.It is a wonderful and interesting facility.

Sekijuku of Tokaido

This is the town called Sekijuku of the old road "Tokaido".There are townscapes that existed two hundred years ago here.

The streets of Sekijuku

The place where such old town streets like this exist in Japan is now very rare. Moreover, people are living the present age as normal life scenery, not for sightseeing.

Japanese style guest house

This is "old folk guest house Ishigakiya". It is a guest house that can be stayed in the old style in Sekijuku. Building age is about 120 years. You should look at this traditional building.

Night guesthouse

A guest house bustling with the travelers of Tokaido. There is a guest house in Sekijuku where people can enjoy the night of travel as much as the old days.

Traffic volume
Although it is hardly on the Aoyama Plateau park line, vehicles with families pass through on holidays as well. There are also somewhat narrow sections, so you need to be careful with cars that face each other.
Sekijuku is a living road with many local vehicles. Although sightseeing transit is possible, let's pay attention to accidents.
Road surface
Aoyama plateau park line is a paved road but there is a little sand. Please keep watching the road often.
Sekijuku is an unpaved road that looks, but in fact it is a colored special pavement.The paved road which was constructed so as not to destroy the image here is wonderful.

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