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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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At the end of the blue sky is the blue Pacific Ocean!
Mie pearl road that sunlight feels dazzling.

The road called Pearl Road is where you can drive a motorcycle exhilaratingly while looking down at the rias coastal area.This road is very close to the sea than National Route 167 which communicates Ise to Shima with many sightseeing spots at the shortest. Because of that, it will be a long distance away.
However, the sun reflecting on the blue sea surface shines like a pearl and it is a path along the sea with a bright atmosphere. Because the eastern side is the Pacific Ocean, it is a great area to watch the morning sun.

Mie Pearl road

Previously it was charged as a sightseeing road, so the road width is wide and the paved state is also very good.Almost along the coast, it is built, but it is high from the sea level. It is a road that crosses the mountain while looking down at the sea comprehensively.
There are few tight corners, but the form of the road also changes a lot. Moreover, the corner continues, and there are also many ups and downs. This is a fun way to run on a motorcycle. However, because many sightseeing buses and sightseeing cars are running, please pay attention to speed pace and safety.
The length is as long as about 23 km, but there are few signals. Depending on the mood it may run through at once.
However, there are many sightseeing points in the vicinity! An observation deck and a resting place are set everywhere, and you can see the horizon of the Pacific Ocean.
Please enjoy yourself at ease.

Mie Pearl road

Characteristically the Pacific Ocean can always be seen while crossing the mountains. The altitude from the sea level is high, but it is a sea breeze road along the sea.

Mie Pearl road

It is a fascinating road with rich ups and downs and a continuous form of the corner. Since there is no extreme uphill, not only large motorcycles but also small motorcycles are fun enough.

Ago bay

Ago Bay located south of Pearl Road is one of Japan's leading rias coastal areas. This land is a famous pearl farming ground for the world. It is here that succeeded in culturing pearls for the first time in the world.

Old road

Beyond Pearl Road is Kumano 's connected National Route 260. That state is very terrible. Even in this state it is being used as a road. Currently there are other bypass roads, but it is registered as a national highway. You can experience unusual scenery!

Old tunnel

It is this Tanahashi bridge tunnel located in the peak of Route 260. It is a terrible tunnel made up of a keyhole shaped wellhead and a bottleneck shaped curve. This is registered as a modern civil engineering heritage. A unique sight is waiting for you at a short distance from Pearl Road.

Clear water

Ise side also has many unique things. One of them is this Amano Iwato. It is also known as "Eriharano Mizuana" and was also mentioned in that Nihon Shoki. It is a legend that it was here that the Amaterasu Amagami hid in Iwaoya. Currently there is a cool fresh water (it can drink), it is a spot recommended for exploring the spring as well as exploring the history.

Traffic volume
Because it is also a main road that informs many tourist destinations, large sightseeing buses also go frequently on holidays. However, overall there is little traffic and it is comfortable.
Road surface
Since it used to be a toll road in the past, wide pavement is also good. However, due to the narrow side of the roadside, it is very dangerous to park the motorcycle carelessly. I recommend using a dotted rest area.

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