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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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A gentle winding road along the great river.
Enjoy the Oigawa river and the railroad all day!

Today's report is a course near the big river in Oigawa Shizuoka prefecture. It is in the middle of Shizuoka prefecture and flows north and south. In this area, tea cultivation is prosperous. It is green anywhere.
There are railroads and national highways along the river, the river finally enters the mountain and stops. It is not a road connecting cities and cities, so it is comfortable because there is not much traffic. The shape of the road is also a gentle curve on the downstream side of the river, and the more it goes upstream, the more it becomes a happy winding road.

Tea plantation

Shizuoka prefecture facing the Pacific Ocean is mild throughout the year. It is composed of three areas, "Suruga", "Enshu", and "Izu" on a long land in the east and west. Convenience is good due to the fact that Tomei Expressway is passing. The first time I leave early in the morning is from the town called "Fujieda."


The first target is this picture. This is ramen. Ramen is anywhere in Japan to eat after noon. But now it is 7 o'clock in the morning. There is a custom called "morning ramen" in Fujieda. Surprisingly it did not feel uncomfortable to eat breakfast with soft taste.

Small shrine

Next time I visited Shimada City next to Fujieda. This is a shrine called "GOJINYA INARI". It looks like a shrine anywhere in Japan, but it has a distinct alias.
That's the nickname "Slanderous Inari". In religious establishments it is commonly sought for purity. However, it is special here. It seems that there is a generous God who is allowed to say slander.

Hourai Bridge

Also here is a picture of Shimada. You will see a bridge over the river. This is "Hourai Bridge" crossing the Oigawa River. The wooden bridge is 897 meters in length in the world. It is also officially recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. Unfortunately it is exclusively for pedestrians and can not pass by motorcycle.


The touring date was exactly spring. In the spring of Japan, in May, there is a holiday called "Tango No Sekku." This is a custom that wishes for the healthy growth of children. It is usual to decorate carp streamers at each home, but here they decorated a lot on the river. This is a slightly unusual way.

Old railroad

Then I will head north along the Oigawa river. Along the Oigawa, national roads and railroads are running. It is the "Oigawa Line" of the local railroad. I use old cars that I no longer use in other railroads. Together with spreading tea gardens, I feel a nostalgic atmosphere with idyll. Although I could not see it during the interview on this day, sometimes the steam locomotive is running on this railroad.

Unique Tunnel

I found a strange thing on the route of the Oigawa Railroad. Does this make sense? It is a concrete arch. The train passes this. This is just a passing tunnel. I can not understand the meaning of the tunnel at all.

Hi speed

The road that goes north along the river is perfect. Traffic volume is small, moderate curve. The speed range will rise.

Small train

The ordinary orbit of Oigawa Railway is "Senzu station". From then on it will turn into a railway called "Inogawa Line". The climbing railroad running in the mountains makes the vehicle smaller as shown in the picture. It looks like a toy and it's unique.

Igawa Dam

The way I progress goes and ends. What is in there is a dam made by damming the Oigawa. I am making a quiet lake called Ikawa Lake. Near the dam in the mountain there is also a hot spring resort called Sessokyou. Although I gazed at the green and relaxed, the route this time was pretty good.
This course of this time is a famous place of green tea.Since many shops selling tea leaves are open, it is good to buy a souvenir on the way home.

Road information
Good cornering, reasonable speed range, good access and balance is very good. It is a bit disappointing that there are few refueling stations and meals.
Road surface
The pavement as well as the road width is good overall. There was a rough road surface in the direction of Sessokyou Onsen part.

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