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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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Do you know Nagoya, 3rd largest city in Japan?
I went to a strange shrine near Nagoya and a unique temple.

You know Tokyo and Osaka. But probably Nagoya is not very famous.
Nagoya is a large city between Tokyo and Osaka. Of course there is history and unique culture.
I went to a strange shrine near Nagoya and a mysterious temple on this trip.
I hope that this report is interesting to you.

Aichi prefecture suburban road

For foreigners the religious thought of Japan may be strange.
It is difficult to explain well even Japanese people.
For example Shinto and Buddhism are by themselves different religions. But many Japanese accept both of them.
And the two religions are influenced by the primitive religion before it settles in Japan.
The shrines and temples we reported this time seem to be a strange facility for people in other countries.
Because "sex" is treated as a big theme there.
But this is not a special case. In Japanese culture sex has very important meaning.
This is thought to be derived from primitive religious thought.
I do not want you to get me wrong. This is not an erotic meaning.
In Japanese religion "sex" means grace from heaven.
The symbol that wishes for the prosperity of their descendants and families and the richness of agricultural crops is "sex".
Of course the motif there is a very interesting object. This temple and shrine exist very close to Nagoya nearby.
If you have the opportunity to go near Nagoya, I think it is a valuable experience to visit these places.

Mama Kannnon gate

This is a temple called MAMA KANNON. It is located in Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture.
It is called common name boobs Kannon.

unique wishes tags

Please see this. There are boobs on the wishes tag.
This temple is said to be effective for women's illness and relief.

Tagata Shrine

This is the next visit to TAGATA Shrine. The appearance looks like an ordinary shrine.

Strange objects of religion

Please see the things displayed in the main hall.
It is an object that is difficult to comment. But this is sacred.
A festival is held in March every year at this shrine.  On that day huge objects parade the city.

Road along the Kiso River

I left Komaki City and headed to Inuyama City. It is a good scenery course along the Kiso River.

Momotaro Shirine

There is another strange shrine here. This is Momotaro Shrine.
Do you know Momotaro of Japanese old tales?

Statue of Momotaro

It is a story that a boy born from peach gets rid of bad demons.
There is a legend that this land is the place of the story.

Momotaro legend's exhibition room

An image of concrete with strange design sense is interesting.
And there is "demon's mummy" in the exhibition room here. I can not guarantee that it is genuine, but I think it is an interesting relic.

Motorcycle riding urban road is boring. I finally headed to the suburbs.
I crossed from Nagoya to Gifu prefecture side.
On the Gifu prefecture side there are many mountains and plenty of nature.

View of paddy fields in the outskirts of Aichi prefecture

This day was early summer so green of paddy field is beautiful.
The area visited this time is famous for the harsh heat in summer.
If you go, we recommend spring or autumn.


This area is a flat land, so the road is moderate like this. It is comfortable when the traffic volume is small, but it is unpleasant when there are many trucks.



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