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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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The scenery of Ukiyoe is still remained.
Accommodation and Ukiyoe / Yui Shizuoka prefecture

Do you know Ukiyoe? Ukiyoe is a classic painting popular in Japan about 300 years ago. The unique style of Ukiyoe has influenced European painters such as Van Gogh.
We went to a place where the scenery drawn on the old Ukiyo-e remains.

Mt.Fuji and bike

Fuji which everyone knows is used as a subject of various Ukiyo-e prints. We went to Shizuoka Prefecture where Mt. Fuji is located. There is a way along the shore of Shizuoka prefecture. It is "Tokaido" of the trunk connecting Tokyo and Osaka. This is the most important road in Japan that has not changed either now or in the past.
Currently there are highways and bullet trains at the route of Tokaido, but we decided to enjoy the old road.
Three hundred years ago people moved Tokaido on foot, so there were lots of lodging towns on the way along the long route. The town of Yui that we visited in this report is one of them.
There is a place drawn by Ukiyoe in this Yui. It is a pass called SattaTouge.
The scenery here is wonderful, and a painter named Utagawa Hirosihige drew a picture. Along the coast of Shizuoka including Yui, it is mild in winter. Because it is also near from the Tomei Expressway, please do go also by all means.


Current Yui is a fishing town. At this harbor, shrimp "Sakura Ebi" is caught. This is a beautiful shrimp with a small pink color, it is generally served as tempura.

Museum of Ukiyoe

This is a trace of an old lodging inn. Currently it is used as a museum of Ukiyoe.

Old men

Three hundred years ago people of such a costume traveled. But this face is terrible.

Histric town

The atmosphere of the town also feels history. Even this road width was a major road in the past. It is a bit narrow in modern sense.

Fuji and Surugabay
Ukiyoe of Fuji

This is the scenery from SattaTouge drawn by Utagawahiroshige. Please compare Ukiyoe with the current picture. Regardless of the times, the combination of Suruga Bay and Mt. Fuji are wonderful.

Sakuraebi Templa

We will eat this when we go to Yui. Yes, it is SakuraEbi. This is SakuraEbi 's Tempura Soba. I think that you like it because it is crispy and delicious.

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