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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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The Japanese motorcycle industry started here.
I went to the Hamamatsu and Hamanako area.

There are Milwaukee in Harley - Davidson and Bologna in Ducati. Do you know where Japan motorcycle hometown is?
It lies between Tokyo and Osaka. It is Hamamatsu and Hamanako area in Shizuoka prefecture. Here, Soichiro Honda, the founder of HONDA, was born. YAMAHA also started motorcycle manufacturing here. And SUZUKI is still here headquarters location. And although it is not a motorcycle, TOYOTA is also involved in this land.
What kind of place is Hamamatsu and Hamanako? I will report it this time.

Lake Hamanako

Hamamatsu and Hamanako are in the western part of Shizuoka prefecture. The south faces the Pacific Ocean, Tokaido of the main road of Japan crosses the area. Urban information reached quickly due to the influence of major roads.
Lake Hamana is a place where shipping is also popular as it is directly connected to the ocean. It is considered a good place to develop a new industry.
People in this region also have characteristics. There is "Yaramaika" in their ethics. This means "if you can do it" in this local dialect. Honda, YAMAHA, Suzuki, and TOYOTA are also thought that this challenging spirit was created.
I realized a little unfortunately. This area is inconvenient for enjoying motorcycle riding. Here the land is flat and the road has little fun. Also there are many industries in the vicinity and there are many traffic such as trucks.
If you enjoy purely motorcycles, I will recommend you the northern region. There are also many mountain routes here, and the traffic volume is small.
But if you do not mind riding, there are lots of interesting spots. SUZUKI and YAMAHA museums, ancient immigration offices, cute railways, rare foods.
If you have time for your Japan trip, it is worth visiting here.
There is another thing I want you to know. Hamamatsu, the birthplace of the Japanese motorcycle industry, holds events every year. It is an event called "hometown of motorcycle, Hamamatsu". In 2017 it was held in August. As soon as the next schedule is known, I post it on the top page. Please wait.

Hamanako railway

On the outer circumference of Lake Hamana there is a cute Hamanako railroad. It is a railroad crossing an idyllic paddy field.

Hamanako railway

Hamanako Railway It is such a small railroad. They work slowly.

Public toilet

There is something interesting at the station of the Hamana Railway. Do you know what this is?

Public toilet

This is a public toilet. There are toilets of interesting designs at each station. Besides photo cattle and elephants, there are also designs of oranges and fish baskets.

Old way of tokaido

The highway "Tokaido" connecting the east and west of Japan crosses Hamamatsu and Hamanako. This pine tree is its remains.


In the Middle Ages Japan there were many small countries. Therefore, there was "Sekisyo" on the highway. Sekisyo is equivalent to the current immigration office. This is a historic site of "Arai Sekisyo". Currently it is used as a history museum.

Hamanko Lake side

Lake Hamana is the third size in Japan. If it is not the main road you can avoid the crowds and relax.

Suzuki factory

SUZUKI 's factory is located everywhere on the lake side. The main factory of YAMAHA has moved to Iwata City next door.

Sakichi Toyoda museum


Sakichi Toyoda museum
This looks like an old-fashioned private house. Actually this is the birthplace of Sakichi Toyoda, founder of TOYOTA. Currently it is open as a museum.

Nakatajima dunes

Toward the coast there is the Nakatajima sand dunes. Japan is a country with few sand dunes, which is a precious place.

Hamamatu flat road

This area is a flat land, so the road is moderate like this. It is comfortable when the traffic volume is small, but it is unpleasant when there are many trucks.

Unagi restrante
Sashimi of Unagi

Have you ever eaten Japanese eel? Eel is generally offered in a baked dish called "Kabayaki". But this shop is different. They serve eel as sashimi. As far as I can tell, in Japan this menu is only available for this shop. The name of this shop is called Unashin. I think it is very delicious.

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