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Shimoda---the history of Japan’s opening to the world.

Welcome to Shimoda. Surrounded by the sea and the mountains, Shimoda is a resort town where time flows at a leisurely pace.
In 1854, the black ships of American fleet led by Commodore Perry anchored here. Since then, Shimoda become Japan’s first international open port. Historical sites still remain in the old town area. Now, why don’t you spend a relaxing holiday in Shimoda rich in tropical flavor and historical sites.

Shimoda white sandy beach
Enjoy the emerald green waters and white sandy beach

Do you know the sea that Perry was in love? He wrote about the beauty of Shimoda’s varied scenery in his report of the American expedition to Japan. Of course the emerald green waters are included, too. Also his name remains here. “Perry Road” You will find the Old Japan here.
If you visit Shimoda, you will enjoy that color each season. Choose your favorite spots to relax and enjoy the trip.

Activities in Shimoda

Shimoda offers a special marine experience for everyone. Official information desk ”sea mon” helps visitors who want to enjoy activities.

Ryugu sea cave
Ryugu sea cave

Mysterious landscapes shaped by nature. You will find the shape of a heart.

Perry Road Shimoda city
Perry Road

Street with retro shops.You’ll find the Old Japan in classic gas lamps along here.

Shimoda park

Here is Shimoda park and close to Perry Road. Hydrangea festival is held annually in June.

The lighthouse of shimoda

The lighthouse and narcissus. The entire cape is enwrapped in their sweet fragrance during the blooming season.

Commodore Perry Squadron

Monument marking the Arrival of U.S.N Commodore Perry Squadron.

Shimoda’s biggest festival “the Black Ship festival”

Shimoda’s biggest festival “the Black Ship festival” held for three days centered on the third Saturday of May each year.

Shimoda Fish Market

The Shimoda Fish Market boasts Japan’s largest catch of kinmedai all year round.

Shimoda hot springs

Shimoda is a locality blessed with hot springs. There are several places where visitors not intending to stay the night may also bathe.
You’ll drive slowly to enjoy the scenery. You can feel natures everywhere in Shimoda. An image that will stay with you forever.

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