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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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There was a mystery in Aomori Prefecture!
We went to the Tsugaru peninsula in summer.

This is a report on Tsugaru Peninsula in Aomori Prefecture. We are SUZUKI's top model motorcycle HAYABUSA and the old top model KATANA.
We headed north from Tohoku Expressway from Tokyo. The distance to the Aomori area is about 800 kilometers, and the long high speed section is best for big motorcycle. Tohoku is comfortable even in the summer because latitude is high.

Tohoku Expressway

In Aomori there are two big peninsula of Tsugaru and Shimokita. This time we went to the Tsugaru Peninsula. I heard that there is something interesting in this course and I went to see it.
We went to Towadako first as I got off the Tohoku Expressway. Lake Towada and the surrounding Oirase valley are famous for its scenic beauty. Unfortunately the weather was not good this day.
If you go, we recommend Lake Towada in the fall. I think that the forest surrounding the lake and the autumn leaves of the Oirase valley are the best in Japan.
Well, then we went to one of the destinations on this day. Perhaps you can not believe what is here. It is the grave of Jesus Christ. We do not truly seriously believe. However, we did not know the reason, but it existed there.
And another, there is a mysterious place behind the peninsula. It is a wilderness called Osorezan. It is said to be a real "dead country". It is a place where the souls of the dead gather.
There is also a shaman called "Itako" where you can bring the dead here. People who lost their relatives communicate with the dead through her.
Well, what do you think? Tomb of Christ and Osorezan, actually look at yourself.


We arrived at Lake Towada. It is a pity that the weather is not good. The scenery is the best if it is sunny.

Sign of Christ Tomb

Please look at this sign. There is no doubt written as "Tomb of Christ."

Tomb of Christ

This is the grave of Christ. According to this local legend, Christ does not die on the hill of Gorgoda, he travels a long distance and arrives in Japan. · · · I think that it is absolutely some mistake or some misunderstanding.

Road of Tsugaru Peninsula

The road of Tsugaru Peninsula is wide, traffic volume is comfortable.But  please pay attention to over speed.

seafood restaurant

We riding a long distance and my stomach is empty. We went to the roadside seafood restaurant "Syouraku".

Ikura Don set

This is "Ikura Don set". Ikura is a salmon egg. Tsugaru of Aomori is a fresh and tasty land with seafood.

Lake Nosori

We arrived at Lake Nosori, a small lake in Tsugaru Peninsula. Osorezan is on this lake side.

Osorezan Bodaiji

Actually Osorezan is a temple that opened in the year 862 AD. The exact name is "Osorezan Bodaiji".


But the site is a unique magical landscape. The desolated ground is indeed unusual.

Field of Osorezan

Can you figure out with this picture? This land is the wilderness created by volcanic activity. Plants do not grow due to volcanic gases and substances. Although this place is an eerie place, there are hot springs in the vicinity, in fact it is also a place to relax.

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