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Historic city and refreshing road (second part)
From Aizuwakamatsu City in Fukushima Prefecture to Minami-Aizu

There is Aizuwakamatsu shi which is one of the leading historical town in Fukushima Prefecture in the southwest of Mt.Aizu Bandai.
This is also the town which became the battlefield of the Japanese civil war in 1869.
Long ago, there was a municipality called Aizuhan in this town, culture industry was flourishing.
Traces of the history can be seen everywhere in the town.It is a strange structure Sazaedou, beautiful Wakamatsu castle, and a wonderful castle town.

Old house in Aizuwakamatu

In medieval Japan, Aizuwakamatsu was a major transportation hub. The industry has developed, and a Accommodation town has been developed in neighboring roads. There is an old Accommodation town in the place called Ouchi in the immediate vicinity. There, it preserved the landscape 300 years ago perfectly, and now it is a very popular place.
Agriculture is prosperous around Aizuwakamatsu and the food is very delicious.  Do you like ramen?If you go a little north from Aizuwakamatsu you will find a delicious ramen called "Kitakata Ramen".
Please come and visit Aizuwakamatsu, a little different from Kyoto and Kamakura.


This is a magical building Sazaedou. The interior is a double helical structure. It is a mysterious unique building whose entrance and exit are mixed.

Wakamatu city

A lot of medieval architecture is left in the city of Aizuwakamatsu.

Old house restrante

This is also an old building. However, it is now being used as a restaurant.


This is a local cuisine of Aizu Wakamatsu. It is a miso taste dessert called Miso Dengaku.

Road ofAizuwakamatu

In Aizuwakamatsu city there are many traffic of citizens, but the suburban road is very comfortable.

View of Aizuwakamtu

Because Aizuwakamatsu is beautiful with water, rice grows delicious. Of course Sake is also very delicious.


This is Ouchi Accommodation town. In the past the old road was passing here but now a new road has been created and left behind. This old private house group is used for soba stors, souvenir shops and so on.


It is a scenic spot called "Touno-heturi” near the national highway. Rough rocks and beautiful rivers, and the trees green are beautiful. The autumn leaf season is famous for its unparalleled landscape.

Kitakara Ramen

This is a ramen store in Kitakata city. There are many ramen stors in the city. Because it is mild seasoning, it is preferred by many people.

Traffic volume
There are many citizen's cars in Aizuwakamatsu city. In addition, tourist attractions in the city are crowded with tourists and sightseeing buses. However, the road is comfortable if it is a little out of town center.
Road surface
There are many good paved roads. However, because it is a town buried in heavy snow in winter, there is a snow melting device on the road. Also be careful because there is damage on the road due to winter chains of cars.

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