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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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It is a good winding road where there are many changes in the scenery.
National Route 339 / Tatudomari Line.

National Route 339 that crosses the Tsugaru Peninsula in the northernmost part of Honshu is the main road in Aomori Prefecture, but it is very easy to run. In the vicinity of Goshogawara-shi in the south, you can see the grand Iwakiyama.There is winding in the vicinity of northern Tappi Cape, and it is rich in variety. The beautiful landscape of the vast Tohoku region is an attractive popular route.
Between the Kodomari and the Tappi Cape on the Japan Sea side is the way of a scenic spot called the "Tatudomari Line". Its length is about 20 km. You can enjoy comfortable riding while watching the Sea of Japan, Lake Jusan and Iwakiyama.

A series of curves

The characteristic of this road is the swift change of. The coastal road along the blue Japan Sea suddenly turns into a steep mountain road.It is the greatest charm that you can enjoy the area of sea breeze and mountain at once.
Because the road distance is short, if you run by motorcycle you do not need as much as 30 minutes, but the experiences rich in change can be very satisfying.
This is the best place for sunset in this region, as the view to the west side is good.It is an absolutely indispensable course if touring in the Tohoku region.

Coastline of tohoku

Coastal road section tracing a rough coastline. As you head towards Tappizaki Cape, the altitude rises sharply from the middle. Eventually a great mountain winding section starts.

Old road

This is a coastal route where you can see the beautiful sea which is deep blue peculiar to the Sea of Japan. Retro landscape follows. The road is old, but the width is wide and the pavement is also good.

Guard cable

This is the main road of Aomori prefecture's traffic, but the traffic volume in the north is small. Looking at the low guard rope, you can see that the construction is old. Let 's enjoy the slow and comfortable sea breeze.

Sea and Motorcycle

The altitude rises suddenly as I go to the mountain section. . Although it is a farewell to the sea, the excitement of the trip to the wonderful winding road is the highest tide.

Sunset of Tohoku

The Tatudomari line is famous for being able to see the beautiful setting sun. Fishing fires of fishing boats off the sea are also fantastic scenes.

Cape Tappi

This is the tip of the Tsugaru peninsula, Cape Tappi. Beyond this sea is Hokkaido. It is a famous place, sometimes being sung in popular songs.

Tugaru Fuji

It is Iwakisan which is the highest peak in Aomori Prefecture. It is somewhat low as 1625 m, but because it is a mountain with a good shape, there is a nickname "Tsugaru Fuji". It is beautiful to see Iwakiyama from the southern part of Route 339. It is also possible to distant view from the Tatudomari line.

Traffic volume
Since it is a single road to Cape Tappi, tourist vehicles run on holidays, but there is no traffic volume enough to cause traffic congestion. Please be careful about overspeed.
Road surface
The road is wide and the pavement is good. It is a wonderful road surface of the best to enjoy the touring. Even beginners can enjoy it with confidence. But let's pay attention to fallen trees and pebbles in the mountains.

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