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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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The best snow corridor in Japan is a wonderful charm.
You must absolutely see the Hachimantai Aspiteline in early spring.

There are many magnificent winding roads in Japan. However, it is this Hachimantai Aspiteline that tells the beginning of the riding season.
Iwate It is the highest highlight where you can see the mountains of Iwate across the mountainous area of about 1600 m in Akita Prefecture. The total length was about 47 kilometers, and although it was a toll toll road until now, it is free now.
In addition to contacting Iwate to Akita, you can choose the course to descend from the MikaeriTouge on the mountaintop at the Hachimantai-Jyukai line and travel on a round trip.

Snow wall

I recommend you a snow hallway. The corridor of the snow is famous for Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, but the aspect line is somewhat different. You can run here in your own motorcycle. Also, there are no snow on the road. It is the route of travelers who can safely run in the corridor of snow without wearing spikes.
Probably, the height of the snow wall is the highest in the country. Also, due to the latitude relationship, thawing is slow, we think that snow remains even during GW period.
Moreover, the landscape can be said to be "the best in Japan". The super view which can see the full view of Iwateyama (Nanbu Fuji) famous as the foundation of the heart of Iwate prefecture is a magnificent view.
And the spot nearby is famous for ruins mania. Because it is also called "second warship island", you can see the apartment complex of the Matsuo mine boasting the name of the top class in Japan.
This is a trace of the sulfur mine from the end of the 19th century to the 1964 Showa era. Here we formed a mine town boasting the state-of-the-art living standard of the time called "Heaven above the clouds".
There is also the best outdoor hot spring here. From these elements, this part is a super class touring spot.


The future snow-scrubbing is impressive. As there are lots of lighting windows, the interior of the snowshed is bright and a spectacular sight continues.

Sky of Hachimantai

The super view which can distantly see Iwateyama is the charm of Aspiteline. Routes that can always be observed from the same height are only here.

Comfortable road

Aspiteline Route that descends from MIkaeri pass in Iwate prefecture side by Hachimanntai-Jyukai-Line is the most famous course. The view is small, but it is satisfactory enough.

Mine ruins

The remains remained in high mountains of 1000 m. It is a trace of a mine town called "paradise above the clouds" in the past.
It was a city where as many as 15,000 people lived during the peak period. This apartment group is 4 stories reinforced concrete. It was the latest type of architectural style at the time when central heating was given, and it was also called "Second warship island" from the high standard of living. At that time, the general hospital of the top class in Iwate Prefecture and the movie theater / theater were also built.

Old Torii

Residents have also left away with past glory. The city completely stopped its function, but only trace of faith remains modest now.

Hachimantai hot spring

This is Fujino-Onsen which is located at an altitude of 1,400 m and is near the Hachimantai Jyukai line and boasts one of the domestic springs of outdoor hot spring. Fountain quality and location are also wonderful. Surprisingly, it is a man and woman complete mixed bathing! However, because women are selling towels for mixed bathing, they are safe.

Hot spring bath

This is a hot spring where women can enter safely. Although it is a mixed bath, the hot water is white and muddy so worry is useless. In addition, women can wear a private bathing suit. There are even cases where there are more women customers depending on the time zone. The outdoor bath is prohibited from using soap etc, but it can be used in the inner bath.

Beauty effect of hot springs

Hot water springs from the bottom of the bathtub. At the bottom is a large quantity of sulfur components (Yu no Hana) are precipitated, it is almost a mud bath. Some fans come from the metropolitan area to the effectiveness of this ingredient.


Aspite Line and Hachimantai Daisen Line. I turned around and looked over the majestic Iwate volcano. It is also a feature of this route that you can enjoy the mountains of Tohoku district that change every seasons while riding a motorbike.

Traffic volume
Although it is a countryside in Tohoku, the scenery is good and the number of tourists' vehicles is rather large. However, there is almost no traffic jam even in the high season. It gets crowded intensely in the parking lot near the summit but there is no problem in the motorcycle.
Road surface
The road width is wide on the old toll road, but the road surface is a little rough due to the influence of the snow. However, it can be said that linear winding is outstanding and refreshing. Even beginner riders will be able to run with confidence.
However, please beware that it will be closed for the winter season.

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