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The coastline called “Alps of the Ocean” / Tanohata Village

Tanohata Village is located in the northern coast of Iwate Prefecture, faces the Pacific Ocean.
Tanohata is surrounded by the sea and mountains, said “Tibet in Japan” before the transport network is maintained.
Major industries in Tanohata are fishery and dairy farming.
In the summer, a cold Pacific wind called “Yamase” blows and is not suitable for rice production. It is rather cold in winter, but it doesn’t always snow.
There was damage of the tsunami in the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011. You would feel the scratch of the tsunami.
National Route 45 crosses Tanohata. And Prefectural Route 44 in Tanohata is a road along the coast and is suitable for touring.

A scenic spot ”Kitayamazaki cliffs”

Coastal area of ​​Tanohata is part of Sanriku Fukko (reconstruction) National Park.
A scenic spot ”Kitayamazaki cliffs” is a dynamic coastline with 200 high cliffs, continues for about 8km.The wonderful view from the viewing platform will take your breath away. You can also enjoy the view of Kitayamazaki from the sea. Sappa Boat Adventure is exhilarating cruising around Kitayamazaki. Local fishermen skillfully maneuver a Sappa Boat (capacity 8 passengers) through gaps in the unusual rock formations of Kitayamazaki on an invigorating boat trip. Looking up at the 200m high cliffs from right below them is a sight with a stunning impact.
Tanohata is part of a long trail “Michinoku Coastal Trail”. This trail runs along the coast from Aomori to Fukushima, Tohoku Pacific Coast. Tanohata section has great appeal due to its richness of places where you can sense the power of the ocean.
Tanohata is also part of Japanese Geoparks, “Sanriku Geopark”. At various places along the coast, there are strata more than 100 million years ago, you can feel the dynamic history of the earth. And the earthquake disaster tells the threat of the tsunami.
Gourmet of Tanohata is blessing of the Ocean and Land. Try the great food from the sea of Sanriku. You can enjoy the seasonal ingredients every season, sea urchin, salmon, abalone, seaweed and more. Delicious milk is made in the mountain side. Try Tanohata milk and Yamachi Rakuno Milk soft serve ice creams.  

Sappa Boat
passing through the sea caves

Sappa Boat steered by local skilled fishermen. They can navigate near Kitayamazaki’s 200 meter-high cliffs. You can enjoy very adventurous cruise like among the reefs and passing through the sea caves when the condition of the ocean is fine.

Pitch-black tunnels

Pitch-black tunnels, close to the beach.
Part of Michinoku Coastal Trail, Tanohata route is filled with adventure. You can see the beaches, steep ups and downs, pitch-black tunnels and best viewing point around Kitayamazaki. Experience “Alps of the Ocean”!

Unosu Cliff

Unosu Cliff. From the viewing platform in front of the pine forest, you can look out over the 5 connected 200m high cliff faces that have been eroded out in a bow-shape.

Tsunami Stone

Tsunami Stone in Haipe coast. It moved about 15m by the tsunami. If you look closer, you can measure and know the mighty power of the tsunami.

Seawalls that outburst by the tsunami

Seawalls that outburst by the tsunami, are stored in the remains of the disaster at that time appearance.

Diving in Tanohata

Diving in Tanohata, you can dive in the stratum over100 million years ago.

fisherman’s base

These kind of huts were fisherman’s base for their work. Unfortunately, there were washed away by the tsunami in 2011, by the support of many people, there were rebuilt in a way to restore the old vestiges. Currently, there has become a base for various types of experience tourism such as making sea salt.


Yamachi Rakuno Milk from cows

Yamachi Rakuno Milk from cows grazing on the mountains here.

New bridge and old bridge

New bridge and old bridge (National Route 45).

There are Free Wi-Fi access point in the main tourist facilities.
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