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Hashikami Town 
Spectacular Views and Delicious Foods Just a Short Drive Away

Running north to south along Japan’s eastern coast, National Route 45 travels through the heart of Hashikami Town in southeastern Aomori Prefecture. Route 45 links Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, with Aomori City, the Aomori prefectural capital. The beautiful scenery and rich culture along its 516.9km make road trip planning easy. Hashikami Town is no exception, with both ocean and mountain views easily accessible from Route 45. Along the way to those views, you will find a variety of restaurants and shops selling local foods, goods and souvenirs. And if you happen to be traveling during the summer or late fall, you might even catch one of Hashikami’s big seasonal festivals. If you have a day, Hashikami has much to offer!

view of Hashikami town

Located at the southeast corner of Aomori Prefecture in Northeast Japan, Hashikami Town sits on the border between Aomori and Iwate Prefectures. Its 5.5km of Pacific coastline boasts varied geography perfect for fishing and exploration. Heading inland, Mount Hashikami is an easy hike at 739.6m. The view from the top is breathtaking, providing views of the Hakkoda mountain range to the west and the Pacific Ocean to the east. And from late May to early June each year, beautiful azaleas paint the mountaintop bright pink. Both Hashikami’s seaside and the upper elevations of Mount Hashikami are easily accessible by road. While the seaside routes are open year-round, the road up Mount Hashikami closes from November to April due to snowfall.
Hashikami Town’s geography is such that you can summit a mountain in the morning and spend the afternoon by the sea. Our unique position makes getting around easy – driving from the base of Mount Hashikami to the Pacific Coast takes less than 30 minutes. Restaurants serving local cuisine can be found along the way, including our famous Wase soba (buckwheat noodles) and ichigoni, our popular seafood soup.
Hashikami is known for its delicious Wase Soba, the only variety officially promoted by Aomori Prefecture. It is hearty in the cold northern climate, and has a rich flavor and firm al dente texture. Our accessible Pacific coastline has long attracted fishermen to its shores. We have an extensive history of harvesting marine produce such as seaweed, abalone, and sea urchin – one of our town specialties. Abalone and sea urchin are the main ingredients of our ichigoni soup. This traditional food has a rich, savory flavor reminiscent of the sea. Appearing like Japanese wild strawberries in the morning mists, the sea urchin in the white broth is said to have inspired its name, which translates to “boiled strawberries”.
Hashikami Town Annual Festivals
Hashikami Gagyuzan Festival (はしかみ臥牛山まつり): held the first weekend of June
Hashikami Ichigoni Festival (はしかみいちご煮祭り): held the last weekend of July
Hashikami Donko Festival (階上どんこ祭り): held in late November


hiking trails

Mount Hashikami offers a variety of hiking trails to explore.


If you drive up to the Obirakitai (大開平) parking area on Mount Hashikami, a 20- to 30-minute hike brings you to the peak, which has fantastic views of Aomori and Iwate Prefectures in every direction.

Tsutsuji No Mori Campground

Tsutsuji No Mori Campground is located on the upper slopes of Mount Hashikami. It offers clean bathroom and outdoor sink facilities. Day camping is free. For inquiries about staying overnight, please contact the Hashikami Commerce and Tourism Division at 0178-88-2875 (open Monday through Friday, 8:15~17:00).

Forestpia Hashikami

Forestpia Hashikami, located along the road which winds its way up Mount Hashikami. The restaurant inside, Kadariba, offers Hashikami Wase Soba prepared in various ways, along with grilled pork rice bowls and other hearty foods to fill the bellies of hungry hikers. Next to Kadariba is the gelato shop La Fata. The gelato is made with local ingredients, refreshing the palettes of many a visitor.

Nijuichitai seaside area

The natural grassy field in the Nijuichitai seaside area of Hashikami is wonderful for picnics and pick-up sports. You can dip your feet in the cool ocean waves as well, weather permitting.

Hashikami Seaside Station

Hashikami Seaside Station Aldiva had its grand opening in May 2018. It serves as a “farmers market” for locally caught fish and other marine produce, as well as various products made from them. It has plenty of parking and bathrooms both inside and outside the main building. Located next to the Pacific Ocean, feel free to dip your toes in after having lunch at Restaurant Mar inside!

Another point of access to Mount Hashikami

Another point of access to Mount Hashikami, Terashita Kannon combines Japanese Shinto and Buddhist beliefs in one location. Ushioyama Shrine is dedicated to a variety of purposes, including traffic safety, maritime safety, safety in the home, finding a marriage partner, the healthy birth of a child, protection from bad luck, and economic success for the town. The Buddhist temple is dedicated to the Bodhisattva Kannon, who is known for mercy and compassion.


Hashikami Wase Soba is served at establishments throughout the town, including the Hashikami Roadside Station (道の駅はしかみ), Wasse Fellowship Center (わっせ交流センター), Forestpia Hashikami (フォレストピア階上), and Terashita Kannon Tea Room Tomon (寺下観音茶屋 東門). It is served in a hot broth (kake – かけ) or with a chilled dipping soup (zaru – ざる).

Soba-making lessons

Soba-making lessons are offered at the Hashikami Roadside Station (道の駅はしかみ), Wasse Fellowship Center (わっせ交流センター), and Forestpia Hashikami (フォレストピア階上). After you have made your soba, you can try eating it in either hot broth (kake) or with chilled dipping soup (zaru).
Please contact your desired location at least 3 days in advance of your desired reservation date. For English language assistance, please contact the Hashikami Commerce and Tourism Division at 0178-88-2875 (open Monday through Friday, 8:15~17:00).


Ichigoni is a traditional food in the Nanbu area of Aomori Prefecture. It is eaten at times of celebration, including the Obon holiday and New Year’s Day.
It is served at various establishments throughout Hashikami Town, including Hamayu (はまゆう), Linden (リンデン), Poseidon (ポセイドン), Triangle (トライアングル), and Restaurant Azeri in the Hashikami Roadside Station (アゼリー(道の駅はしかみ内)).

Touring in Hashikami Town is convenient due to its unique geography and access to National Route 45. Well-kept roads crisscross the town, making trips between mountain and ocean easy and enjoyable, with a variety of places to stop along the way for food, rest and souvenirs. Whether Hashikami is your destination, or you are just passing through on your way to Hachinohe City, Aomori City, and beyond, we hope you enjoy your time here!
For tourism inquiries and English language assistance, please contact the Hashikami Commerce and Tourism Division at 0178-88-2875 (open Monday through Friday, 8:15~17:00).


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