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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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Historic city and exhilarating road (Part 1)
Bandai Azuma Road / Fukushima Prefecture

Unfortunately the reason for making Fukushima Prefecture's name famous is the nuclear power plant accident caused by the earthquake. However, contamination by accident is only a part of the sea side of Fukushima.
It has almost no influence on the inland area we have done.
The tour with this report is Bandai Azuma Road. Previously it was a toll road, but now all can be used for free.
It is a beautiful road that you can enjoy the volcanic belt of Fukushima. Spring is a snowy wall, summer is cool, autumn is a wonderful scene of leaves.

Way of fukusima

There is a land called Jyododaira in the middle of this road.Toxic gas is still generated due to the influence of the active volcano. There is a rare scenery that was made desolate by the influence of the gas.
Regrettably, general tourists can not stop here. Gas hazard is the reason. Of course, there is no problem at all as long as it passes by quickly.
Also nearby is the beautiful Bandai mountain where the people of this area are proud. Lake Inawashiro and Hibara Lake are also wonderful places. There are many camp sites around Hibara Lake, and in summer it is full of lots of Camper. I think it is a good idea to camp around here and tour around.

UFO Fureaikan

There is a land called Senganmori in Fukushima City. There is a facility called "UFO Fureaikan".


Surprisingly, this is an exhibition facility relating to UFOs and aliens. There is much UFO 's sighting case so far in this land named Senganmori.

CIA document

But this is incomprehensible. Why is there a confidential document of CIA here? Please come here to read this too. I think that this is probably a joke.


This is Tamura city from Fukushima City to the south. Is this an alien? Is it Beast?


No, it is neither.The name of this is called "Oningyosama".
This is the guardian of the village. According to the old legend this is a god that protects the village from disaster at the doorway of the village. It is a rustic private faith different from Buddhism and Shintoism.

Bandai Azuma Road

Bandai Azuma Road is a short distance from Tohoku Expressway Road. It is a pleasant road through the forest and mountains.

nice corse

This is Jododaira which is the highlight of Bandai Azuma Road. In Japan there is a rare scenic view.


One of the many lakes in Fukushima is this Goshikinuma. Goshiki means 5 colors and there are various colors of water like its name.

Mt.Aizu Bandai

This Mt. Aizu Bandai has created the surrounding landscape and landscape. It is worth coming here just to see this majestic landscape.

Traffic volume
Access from the expressway is also good here, weekends and consecutive holidays are crowded. However, if it is a weekday you can enjoy a comfortable tour.
Road surface
It is almost a paved surface. Traffic is difficult because there are freezing and snow in winter.

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