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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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Pass through the clouds high above the sky!
Zao echo line / Yamagata prefecture

Zao Echo Line is a 26 km road connecting the Togatta Onsen in Yamagata Prefecture and Kaminoyama Town. It opened in 1962.
This road was constructed in high mountains, so it is closed in winter. It is possible to use here from late April to early November.

 Zao echo line

However, the period during which it can be used is very wonderful. There are snow walls on both sides of the road from late April to mid May.
Midsummer is very cool and comfortable because of the high altitude. The leaves of trees will be beautifully dyed in autumn. There is also a powerful volcanic lake called "OKAMA" on the way.
And it is the road that our riders rejoice. Continuous curve, road surface that repeats rising and descending.
There is not much traffic volume because it is far from the city.
It is a bit far from the city such as Tokyo, but there is always a value for you to go.

cloudy sky

I went to the Zao direction from Tohoku Expressway. I am concerned that it is a bit cloudy.

In cloud

It is not fog. I went into the clouds. Japan has many mountains, so occasionally there is such thing.

Over the cloud

It is amazing weather when I get on the clouds. I can see the sea of clouds in the distance.

Summer in Zao

This tour was a summer season. This Zao is very cool and comfortable because of its high altitude. If there is room in the schedule, please visit "OKAMA" by all means.

Summer in Yonezawa

I will get off Zao and head for Yonezawa City. Summer sunlight and rice field green is a dazzling season.

Yonezawa Jinjya

There is Uesugi Shrine in the center of Yonezawa City. Here is a very famous warrior known as Uesugi Kenshin worshiped in Japan.

Yonezawa beef

Do you know what this cow statue is? Yonezawa is a famous place for edible cattle. Yonezawa beef is equally popular with Kobe beef and Matsusaka beef.

Yamagata Soba

Besides beef, soba is also a product of this area. Cold buckwheat is delicious in the hot season.

Traffic volume
Zao Echo line traffic is not many. However, weekends and consecutive holidays may be crowded as it is famous as a sightseeing road.
Road surface
The pavement is almost good. However, there are also places that are painful in the tire chain of the car in the winter season. You should refrain from speed.

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