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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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It is a memorable highland highway of your life.
Shikoku Karst Park Line.

The Shikoku region of Japan is one of the best mountain countries. The view is characterized by an endlessly mountainous landscape. However, the only exception is this Shikoku Karst.
Under the wide open view there is a field of limestone stone towers. I can not think that this is the summit of the Great Mountain Range, the grassland spreads all over the mountain.
The altitude here is about 1400 meters. One trail crossing a cool paradise even in summer is this Shikoku Karst Park Line.

Shikoku Karst road

There is already only sky above here. The gentle road on the ridgeline is different from the tight winding road until coming here.
This road draws a good gentle curve that is optimal for motorcycle riding.
There is no doubt that it will be an unforgettable sight during your life. If you are touring Shikoku, you are definitely the place to come.
There are three Karst plateaus in Japan. I think that here is its best place.

Shikoku Karst

The other side of the stone tower field is the endless mountain range. Shikoku Karst is at the top of the mountain range, and you can see the Shikoku Mountains from the top of the road. The sun is strong but the altitude is high, so the humidity here is low. I felt it was cool even in summer.


This neighborhood extends across Kochi prefecture and Ehime prefecture. It is an unusual spot where prefectures are divided depending on places, even across the rest house premises in the summit.There are no other eateries in the vicinity, and this is a valuable resting facility. Accommodation is possible if you wish.

Narrow road

To the eastern direction most narrow roads with many curves. You can not drive at high speed and there is a risk of accident. However, you should enjoy motorcycle riding slowly on old roads.

Wooden bridge

This is Takaoka gun Yusuhara Town at the foot of Shikoku Karst. Due to wood processing technology and rich forest resources, it is known as "Village of wooden bridge" in the neighborhood. This is an unusual wooden arch bridge throughout Japan, it is an important bridge on a highway, not a tourist attraction.
It is a sturdy bridge that can pass through not only motorcycles but also trucks.

Cllassic Wooden bridige

This is a humanitarian bridge hung on the approach to Mishima Shrine in Yusuhara Town. It is a rare covered bridge with many wood from Yusuhara Town. Recently many tourists visit to see this bridge.

Traffic volume
Although it can be said that there are almost no weekdays, there are some crowds on holidays and consecutive holidays. Because there is a narrow road part, please pay close attention to the oncoming car.
Road surface
Including the way to reach here, the whole pavement is already paved. However, there are some irregularities and cracks. There are also farm roads so please refrain from the speed.


Traverse route of the highest place in Shikoku.
There is no other road, the Kamegamori forest road.

Following Shikoku Karst, it is a report of Kamegamori Forest Road.
Although it is a mountain forest road with a total distance of 27 km, it is completely paved, so even large motorcycles can pass.
But you need caution.This road has a narrow width to the top of the mountain and many corners. There are also fallen rocks so please try to ride carefully.It may be tough for beginners.

However, there are things that can be earned because of their hardships.

There is cool, mysterious air there. Dynamic mountain road which traverses the mountain range in front of Mt. The route where the mountain faith examiners also walked the most powerful routes in Shikoku. The mountain clouds overlooking from the summit are beyond description.
Since it is a route which becomes a road closing in winter, you must go in the warm season.

Forest road

It is a narrow road with a width of 1.5 lanes, and it is a tough road of a form not different from the old style.
However, this is a mountain path crossing the best mountain range of Shikoku. I think that it is best to visit by motorcycle.

Wooden mounten

This is a spectacular view overlooking the mountains with altitudes above 1500, but the width is narrow and the tight corners are continuous. There are only civilized things roads and signs. Guardrails are also omitted, beginners are physically demanding physically.
However, it should be a wonderful experience.

Cool water

There are also delicious spring water in Shikoku mountains where rain falls. There is also spring water near the cold wind mountain road which is the east side connection road to the forest road. 100% natural water with natural filtration only. Always bring a plastic bottle.

Traffic volume
It is a road that is not well known, but traffic volume is high. Sightseeing buses etc will never come but attention must be paid to locally opposite cars.
Road surface
Because the pavement is relatively new, there is no need to worry about driving a large tourer. However, as there are many falling stones of large and small, it is essential to watch the road.

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