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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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~ Aerial corridor extending to the blue sky ~
Perfect line! Riding through Muroto Skyline.

Cape Muroto is the most fascinating dynamic sea view spreading in the Pacific Ocean. It is also one of the two major capes of Shikoku, famous as a typhoon landing ground called the so-called typhoon Ginza.
There is ties with these typhoons, there are tropical plants and the tropical climate is overflowing.
There is a Mikuri cave where there is a legend that the monk who was still a young man in the Heian era, Kobo Daishi trained and became the name of "Kukai", and it is also a very historical area.

Road of Shikoku

The way to experience this Muroto Cape is the Muroto skyline. The rugged line like going to the sky is the highest luxurious Skyroad that can enjoy both riding and the scenery at the same time.
This is the way of Shikoku to go. It is also chosen as "100 good road choices in Japan". Although the total length is as short as 9 km, the beauty that can overlook Kochi City and the beauty of that coastline are hard to express in words. 

Costal line

From the top of the skyline you can see the coastline extending to Tokushima. The windmill and the blue sea make the best view. Even just seeing this scenery, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is worth visiting from a distance.

Rocks and wave

I recommend you to experience Cape Muroto after running the skyline. The coastal scenery which the rough wave of the Pacific Ocean scraped is a must-see. Moreover, because it is possible to walk to the coast on foot, it is also possible to see a splash of splashing water in front. However, since the waves are extremely high and irregularly striking, let's pay attention to safety.

Beachi line

National Route 55 along the coast seen from the Muroto skyline is also a classic, superb view road.
Especially the section from Oriental to Muroto Cape is a very comfortable road that runs just beside the Pacific Ocean with few high protection walls.
It is not unusual for waves to rise up the road on windy days. Because the tide is always dancing, the shield tends to cloud. Bringing wet tissues etc. would be useful later.

Old bridge

It moved about 20 minutes northwest from Muroto. A forested area of Shikoku spreads throughout this area. It used to be Japan's top-ranking forestry area long ago. "It is said to be one of three beautiful forests" and its brand "Yanase Cedar" was known all over the country as a superb quality.
For that reason, forest railroad networks that logged and transported cedar trees around the area were developed in the past.
Currently the railroad became a waste line, but 18 railway iron remains are designated as national important cultural assets.
As mentioned above, there are very few domestic areas where large amounts of important cultural assets are concentrated. Moreover, it is Japan's first important cultural designation remains as forest railway remains.
Kojima Bridge: Construction in Showa 7
This is Steel bridge. It is the largest bridge among many railway heritage sites. Although it is an iron bridge of an old forest railway, it is still possible to pass as a walk or an automobile bridge even now. Yes, both cars and bikes are passable.

Bridge and motorcycle

Houonji Bridge: Construction in Showa 8
A superb stone arch bridge, the remains of the Yanase Forest Railway. Because the railway passes through the site of the temple shrine, it was constructed as a bridge used by people.
Beautiful shaping like a tunnel attracts many fans.
Railway tracks are paved as a living road and it is possible to run in motorcycles. However, because the area is a residential area, please take a good care of safety and manner carefully.

Kujira Tataki

~ Local cuisine to eat in Muroto ~
Tataki whale
Commercial whaling in Japan has been abandoned, but it is not uncommon for whales to enter the net in the vicinity of Muroto. However, because it is small in quantity and hardly on the general market, it is Muroto's whale cuisine that is known only as a local area cuisine in a narrow range.
A small, soft, fresh whale is eaten with the Kochi style Tataki. It is a local cuisine that I really recommend as much as I want to keep such a delicious thing secret.

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