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Yufuin Hita Round Trip / Oita Prefectural Route 11

The representative of the touring in Kyushu is "Yamanami Highway". It is popular with riders on a sightseeing road of 50 kilometers in length. There are many people who come to Kyushu aiming at this place.However, the same excellent way as "Yamanami Highway" is "Yufuin Hita Round Trip". This is a road connecting Beppu City and Yufuin-cho, which is famous for hot spring resorts.
The total length is 15 km long and not long. However, there are many tourists by connecting the famous hot spring resort. Therefore, some people avoid this place. But it is a really disappointing choice.


There is a surprising scenery there when leaving a little from Beppu. It is a green plateau spreading from Yufudake at an altitude of 1583 m. It is similar to the view from the sky. The distance of the road is short but the scenery is very precious.
The state of the road is also the best. Loose curves and pleasant ups and downs are continuous. A good winding road is a pleasure of our rider.
Disadvantage is that traffic is frequent from time to time because it is a sightseeing road. However, I think that it is a good choice to use this road if you travel slowly.
There is no doubt that it will be the best route in Kyushu by traveling from this "Yufuin Hita Round Trip" to the "Yamanami Highway" route.

Yufuin Hita Round Trip

t is an attractive winding road. The state of the road surface, the road width, the scenery are wonderful.

Oita Prefectural Route 11

Please look at this green carpet. It is like a scenery like being in a diorama.

green carpet

It is Oita Prefectural Route No. 11 of "Yufuin Hita Round Trip" and "Yamanami Highway". In total it will be over 100 km in length. This is a satisfying course for you too.

Takegawara Onsen

The starting point of the course is Beppu City. This is the biggest hot spring resort in Japan.

Hot spa

There are plenty of hot springs, all of which are clean and wonderful.Takegawara Onsen in this photo is a municipal public bathhouse in Beppu Onsen, which is certified as a registered tangible cultural property / modernized industrial heritage. Amazingly, the bathing fee is 100 yen and it is very cheap.

Japanese type fried chicken

Local cuisine of Oita prefecture including Beppu city is "Karaage". It is Japanese type fried chicken. Many specialty shops are open in the city. It is very delicious so please try it.

Traffic volume
There are many sightseeing buses and tourists' cars. However, it is the route that you surely should come. If you choose the time such as early in the morning you may be able to run comfortably.
Road surface
The road width is also wide and the road surface condition is also good. However, as there are many curves, it is better to refrain from speed.

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