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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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This is a tourist's sanctuary! Everyone is impressed.
Oita, Kumamoto, Yamanami Highway.

If you are a Japanese rider you definitely know this road name. It is the best touring course in Japan, Yamanami Highway.
The total length of this road is long, about 58 km. This road lying in the highland areas of both Oita and Kumamoto prefectures is an important main road in terms of transportation and at the same time boasts tremendous popularity as a long and stunning road of the foremost of Kyushu.
To pass through Kyushu's plateau area is the way the scenery in Kyushu condensed. There are so many viewpoints in this route.

Road of Aso

There are sections where this road was a toll road in the past, characterized by wide, good pavement and a gentle form. Furthermore, it is a big point that enjoying a very variegated location can be enjoyed for a long road which exceeds 50 km.
The starting point of this road is in front of Beppu Port. As soon as you get off the ferry, the trip of the Yamanami Highway starts.
Aso area is an area that was greatly damaged by the Kumamoto earthquake in 2016. However, Yamanami Highway is now fully open. There are problems with some tourist routes, but you can enjoy wonderful scenery and excitement.

Riders in kumamoto

The surroundings of Gairinzan are a lot of fun through the highlands. There are many tourists, but it is comfortable because there are no traffic lights. We would like you to enjoy the unique scenery of Aso.

Sky and Motorcycle

A place where you can see the city from Gairinzan is Daikanhou. It is one of the most important viewpoints around Aso. It is possible to see a fantastic scene at dusk.

Way of Laputa

The Aso city road hunt trunk line called the so-called "Way of Laputa" collapsed due to the earthquake. Unfortunately it is now impossible to pass. Let's wait for repair by believing that someday will revive.

Very good view

The whole view of the Way of Laputa. Traffic on this road is currently impossible as mentioned above. But this sight can still be seen.

Aso panorama line

Beyond the end point of the Yamanami Highway, Aso Panorama Line is connected. Go a little south, you can overlook the city from the south side rim.

Cow in Aso

It is "Aka Caw" of Aso specialty grazing in the prairie of the outer ring mountain. With magnificent nature and magnificent scenery, we feel a tranquil atmosphere.


"Aka beef" famous as the finest Japanese Wagyu is known as a very precious food material even in the production area.
I was very surprised at this deliciousness! . Let's eat with steak without hesitation.

Traffic volume
Because it is a sightseeing road representative of Kyushu, there are many sightseeing buses and tourism cars. However, the signal is small and the flow is very good. It is possible to run without problems even on holidays. Please pay attention to speed!
Road surface
Overall it resembles Hokkaido, it is very easy to run across a wide road. The road is good and there is little roughness. However, please be careful about the level difference due to repair of earthquake damage etc.

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