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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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One of the best in the country! It is a scenery that you will be impressed surely.
National Route 266 and Amakusa 5 bridges.

Amakusu Islands in Kyushu is a wonderful area with scenic islands. The intricate terrain, the scene of the scattered islands is a superb view point.Speaking of a good road in Kumamoto Prefecture, Aso direction such as Yamanami Highway will be its representative. However, although not so famous, the fantastic scenery of the islands is also the charm of Kumamoto Prefecture.

Amakusa 5 Bridges

The Amakusa Islands is "island" as its name suggests. It is a seaside area that sees the mainland of Kyushu on the opposite side of the Yatsushiro Sea. It is connected with the mainland of Kyushu by five huge bridges which were built along the island in 1964. It is possible to go by land without using a ferry.We can run for free on every vehicle including moped.
The road opened with these five bridges is "Amakusa Pearl Line". Pearl farming is active in this area, and the total extension named from there is about 15 km road.
Because it also functions as a living road, the traffic volume is quite large, which is slightly different from the sightseeing skyline. But the view from the top of the bridge is wonderful! You can see the boat crossing the sea and the state of the coast of Rias. If it is not a sightseeing road but a landscape as a multipurpose road it will be one of the best sights in Japan.
There are many stores that cook not only the scenery but also the fresh seafood caught in the sea. There will be few failures in any restaurant. This area is a famous spot as a place where fresh seafood can be bought at affordable prices.


Amakusa Matsushima which looks like the Seto Inland Sea is very beautiful.
We connected the islands with five bridges and were in contact with the mainland of Kyushu. From the observation deck set at Takabutoyama near the Pearl line, you can see the aspect like the picture.


The side of the road is the sea. The transparency is good, the incense of the tide is very pleasant. The landscape of the Takashima Sea where you can see the other side is also a characteristic sight of this area. It is recommended to run while taking a break at each point rather than passing right away.


The famous prey of this area is octopus. Amakusa octopus raised in complicated ocean current is special taste. The end of the Pearl line is called "Amakusa Ariake Tako Highway", dried octopus hanging along the roadside has become a regional scene. Let's buy it for your souvenir!

Moving bridge

There is a rare elevating movable bridge in Japan in Hondoseto.

Moving bridge 2

Since this is a pedestrian bridge, "driving" in the motorcycle is not possible. However, it is possible to pass through by pushing the motorcycle. When passing through a ship, in addition to the movement of the bridge girder up and down, it is possible to see how the interrupter and the signal operate.

Ride the Bike

The coastal scenery resembling the southern country is the atmosphere which is completely different from Setouchi even in the same Tama island. A cheerful atmosphere that excites the summer mood gives a pleasant stimulation to the journey.

Nice Seafood

There is no failure in seafood cuisine in Amakusa rich in marine products!
Fish, sea urchins and shellfish are expensive in urban areas, but here are all good deals.

Traffic volume
It is the only land road to contact the Amakusa islands and the mainland, and because of the living roads that contain tourist elements, the traffic volume is quite large. Since traffic jams frequently occur on holidays, it is recommended to select time zones and to go on.
Road surface
Because the main communication route which was a toll road in the past, the maintenance condition is very good. You do not have to worry about the road at all. Moreover, it is possible to enjoy many comfortable break points and restaurants.

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