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This city is built on the plateau between the north and south, and the slope is distinctive. "Kimono matches" It is a castle town./Kitsuki, Oita

Kitsuki city is located in the northeastern part of Oita prefecture, the southern part of the Kunishin peninsula. It receives the benefits of the temperate climate peculiar to the Seto Inland Sea, few rainy days, and snowfall is only one or two times a year.
Iyo-nada in the east, Beppu bay in the south and the southeastern part has a beautiful coast with a view. In the north there are mountains continuing from Futagosan, in the west the Kanagoe mountains and the northwestern part form a natural mountainous area surrounded by gentle mountains.
In the castle town of Kitsuki, samurai residences and compartments of the late Edo period (17th century) remain and are selected as preserved districts of traditional buildings, recognized as having high value in the country.
Kitsuki City declares "support for kitsuki kimono" in order to get people to walk through traditional townscapes with kimonos. People who come in with kimono are doing services to make public entrance fee of public tourism facilities free.

Suya's slope in Kitsuki
Suya's slope

A beautiful cobblestone connecting the samurai residence of the Kitadai and the town of the merchant is impressive "Suya's slope". It is a symbolic scenery of Kitsuki together be opposite "Shioya's slope".
These names are because merchant Shioya Chouemon made Suya and Shioya under each slope and was called Suya's slope and Shioya's slope. As you can see from this episode, the slope unites the town, life and the citizen, and it connects old days with modern times. The existence of such a slope has become a precious personality of Kitsuki and shining.

Ohara House / Appearance
Ohara House / Appearance

On the street there is a long-established samurai house in Kitayama samurai. Especially the Ohara house near the slope of a Suya is a valuable architectural heritage which can catch a glimpse of the life as an old house. Here you can see the wonderful straw roof and the beautiful garden.

Ohara House / interior view
Ohara House / interior view

Besides, you can see the ceiling corresponding to the wide front door of entrance, the presence between next, the edge of tatami with family crest, and the bow. It is thrifty and steady, but you can see the height of the formality everywhere. These are proof of being Karou's house of high status.

Rental Kimono Shop
Rental Kimono Warakuan / Appearance

"Rental Kimono Warakuan" They are renting and dressing kimonos at reasonable prices. Even if you come in western clothing, you can change clothes easily and enjoy walking in the castle town and it is popular.

Rental Kimono
 Rental Kimono Warakuan / Kimono

More than 300 kimonos are available, so you can choose according to your taste.


Hinamaturi in Kitsuki

Traditional dolls are decorated around castle town from February to March every year. Among Hinamaturi held in Oita prefecture, only Kitsuki is here to call Hina doll "Hiina". The reason for calling the doll as a traditional name is because there is a castle town.

Historical Hina doll

You can see a variety of dolls including the valuable dolls decorated with samurai and merchant houses since the Kyoho Period (early 18th century).

Kitsuki oysters
Kitsuki oysters

Kitsuki City is the best oyster harvesting place in Oita Prefecture. When the season (November - February) comes, shops of "baked oysters" that you can bake and eat fresh oysters on the spot line up at the beach. Many tourists visit various shops and repeaters are increasing year by year.


Notes on car drive and motorcycle touring

Please pay attention to wild animals and falling rocks in the mountains. Caution is necessary because the road surface may freeze in winter. 

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