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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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We went to Boso peninsula in Chiba Prefecture next to Tokyo, part 2.
Inland of the Boso Peninsula has original landscape of Japan.

It is the second half of motorcycle touring report of Boso Peninsula. Following the first half of the coast, this reports the inland parts of the Boso Peninsula.
In Chiba Prefecture, where the Boso Peninsula is located, there are many scenery in the countryside except for areas adjacent to Tokyo. Of course, the Boso Peninsula is so. If you use the expressway from central Tokyo, you can see the scenery of Japan's old age in about an hour.
In addition, the Boso Peninsula has a unique topography. There are many winding roads, but there is no high mountain. For that reason it is hard to be freezing cold in winter.
For these reasons, the Boso Peninsula is popular with motorcycle riders.

Oyama Senmaida

In this way the Boso Peninsula is attractive, but there are also weak points. Compared to Izu and Hakone, there are not many high-profile tourist spots.
Of course, unlike general tourists, if you are a motorcycle rider it does not matter. Boso is a wonderful place if you have the purpose of "enjoying the riding itself".
Inland of this Boso Peninsula has a lot of loose winding roads. However, in general, the road width is not wide. And since there are many similar scenery, it may be easy to mistake the route. We recommend carrying a detailed map or using navigation. There is traffic of local residents, so please be careful about speed over. We are also manners to ride slowly while enjoying the scenery in this area.

The local railway in Boso

The characteristic of the inland part of Boso is that the idyllic landscape continues. The local railway also operates slowly.

hand tunneling tunnel

n Boso there are a lot of hand tunneling tunnels that have been reduced in modern times. This is called Eisyoji Tunnel.

road surface is bad

Although there is a taste, please be careful as the road surface is bad.

Countryside of Boso

Low mountains and countryside are beautiful. This is the scenery where the old of Japan remains.

Yourou River

There are many small valleys. This is the valley of the river called Yourou River.

Yourou Valley

It is also a scenic spot called Yourou Valley in Yourougawa. I am sorry this picture is off season off, but it is popular when the autumn leaves here are beautiful in the onseason.

Oyama Senmaida

This is the place called Oyama Senmaida. It is a paddy field on the mountain slope. There are still rice paddy fields that have been reduced in Japan as well.

Shirako Daimyoujin

This is a shrine called Shirako Daimyoujin. I found somewhat interesting things here.

Omotaru Jinjya

There is a small shrine on the site of the shrine. This place is called Omotaru Jinjya, and God who rules Handsome is enshrined. It seems that you can become handsome if you pray here. ・・・・ Is it true?

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