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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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We went to Boso peninsula in Chiba Prefecture next to Tokyo,Part.1
Boso coastline is warm and comfortable touring course even in winter.

Chiba Prefecture is next to Tokyo Metropolitan Government. There is also Narita International Airport in Chiba prefecture, so you may know.
This Chiba Prefecture has a big peninsula facing the Pacific Ocean. It is called Boso Peninsula. For us Japanese motorcycle riders, Boso Peninsula is also a very popular touring course. Despite being very close to Tokyo, there are plenty of landscapes on the country side. It is also attractive to be mild even in winter.

Coast of Boso Peninsula

In this report we will separate the articles in the first half and the second half. First of all, I will tell you the report along the coast.
To go from Tokyo or Yokohama to Boso, it is convenient to use a toll highway. What I recommend is an approach using the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line. This road crossing Tokyo Bay in the east and west is a unique structure of which half is a submarine tunnel and the other half is a long bridge. This is a toll road, but it is well worth paying.
Let's south down Boso Peninsula along the coast. It is dotted with withered fishing ports that it is impossible to think that it is close to the capital Tokyo. Continuing further south, it will soon be the southern tip of Boso Peninsula.
This is a cape that protrudes in the Pacific Ocean, it is the warmest place in Chiba Prefecture. For this reason flower cultivation is thriving in this area. We can feel the spring here at the earliest time in the metropolitan area. Therefore, there is a nickname "Boso flower line" on the coastal road in this area.
As you go further along the coastline, the nickname for the road changes. It is "Sotobo Kuroshio Line". It is the nickname associated with the tidal current of the Pacific Ocean called Kuroshio. This is a comfortable road along the coastline as its name suggests. Weekends and consecutive holidays may be crowded with tourists, but usually the traffic volume is low and the sea breeze is comfortable course.
The road along the coastline will never get lost. It is definitely a very good course for the first time to learn motorcycle tours in Japan. If entering Japan is at Narita airport and you can rent a motorcycle there, the Bousou direction is the optimum toring plan. Because it is possible to go to a wonderful place without crowding in central Tokyo.

Tokyo Bay Aqua Line

This is Tokyo Bay Aqua Line which can be seen from Boso Peninsula. It is a long bridge.

Umihotaru parking space

There is a parking space called "Umihotaru" in the center of the Aqua Line. This is the center of Tokyo Bay.

Bousou flower line

It is a picture of Bousou flower line. Various flowers bloom according to the season.

Sotobo Kuroshio Line

It is a picture of Sotobo Kuroshio Line. The sea breeze is a pleasant road.

Sashimi set meal

This area is close to the coast so it is natural that seafood is delicious. This is the sashimi set meal provided at "Michinoeki Kamogawa Ocean Park". The price is 1,000 yen and this price is cheap.

Kujyukuri toll road

This is the Kujyukuri toll road. It is a tourist toll road along the coast. If you do not dislike traffic signals, you can also use the free Kujyukuri Beach Line road.

Close to Choshi City

It has just arrived at Choshi City, the northern tip of the coastal area of Chiba Prefecture.

Kashiwaya of a well-established rice cake shop

Do you know famous products of Choshi? It is a little soft rice cracker. It is called "Nuresen". This is a long-established rice cracker called Kashiwaya.

Cooking rice cake

You can also see the cooking rice crackers one by one in the shop. Since the fresh rice cracker is very tasty, please try it.

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