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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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The easiest course that is closest to Tokyo!
I went round the Miura Peninsula.

Speaking of touring courses close to Tokyo, Hakone and Chichibu are famous. But actually there is a better area closer. That is the Miura Peninsula area in Kanagawa Prefecture.
The Miura Peninsula splitting the Tokyo Bay and Sagami Bay is a distance that does not need an hour if you use a high-speed toll road. Moreover, it is a compact size that you can see almost everything on a day trip.It is a good area for travelers who want to try the Japanese road.

Sunset on Miura Peninsula

The Miura Peninsula is in the north - south direction sandwiched between Tokyo Bay and Sagami Bay. It is popular for everyone because you can enjoy motorcycles throughout the year due to the temperate climate.
However, due to the fact that the traffic volume is somewhat larger because it is close to urban areas, the road itself may be cramped for motorcycles because it is a narrow area.
But here you can enjoy the scenery of the countryside and the scenery of the small fishing port. Yes, there is also a historic spot because it is close to Tokyo.
It is a small area, but it has various elements Miura Peninsula. We will recommend it to you.

Coastline of Miura Peninsula

It is a coastal road on the Tokyo Bay side. Go to the south from Tokyo direction, traffic volume will be less if you cross Yokosuka.

Perry Memorial

Do you know what this monument is? This is the landing monument of US Navy Admiral Perry. Mr. Perry came to Japan in the year 1853, and formed diplomatic relations with Japan for the first time.

Morning market of Miura

This is Misaki Port in Miura City on early Sunday morning. The morning market of marine products and agricultural products is opened. They are very popular because they are cheap and fresh.

Tuna's head

Misaki Port is the base of tuna fishing. Fresh tuna is offered at the morning market and surrounding shops.

A small fishing port in Japan

There are small fishing ports in the Miura Peninsula besides Misaki Port. It is a scenery that I can not think that this place is very close to Tokyo.

Seafood set meal

Depending on the fishing port there is a directly operated dining room. This is the cuisine I had at Kaneda fishing port restaurant eatery for masses. Wonderful seafood set meal!

Store of Tairyoki

Do you know what this shop is? This is a specialty store of "Tairyouki". Tairyoki is a flag for fishermen to decorate their fishing boats. Prices are not cheap with handmade crafts. But an exotic design with its own character is attractive.

Field in Miura

The field spreads away from the coastline. Cultivation of cabbage etc is thriving in the Miura Peninsula.

Japanese riders

Since Miura Peninsula is near city, there is traffic volume. Motorcycles are also many on weekends and consecutive holidays.

Traffic volume
It is relatively large. Especially during the summer the Miura Peninsula itself becomes a summer resort.
Road surface
Basically good. The main road such as the outer circumference of the peninsula has a good road width. However, when entering a forkd road there is a narrow and unclear road.

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