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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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Recommended for beginners of traveling in Japan.
You should go to Chichibu which is well balanced.

Saitama Prefecture Chichibu City is in the northwest of Tokyo. It is not a major sightseeing spot here. However, access from the city is good and there is popularity.
It is not famous like Kamakura or Kyoto, but it is a historic town. It has a history flourished by the production of silk fabrics and limestones, and it is the place where coins were first cast in Japan.This report has come across places related to them.

Dan of Chichibu

The center of Chichibu is Arakawa. Arakawa is an important river that supplies drinking water to Tokyo urban areas. Of course it is clean and clean because it's water to drink.That water is flowing from the mountains around Chichibu.
Did you understand me in this way? You can go to a quiet Chichibu surrounded by mountains in less than an hour from the city.
Going to Chichibu is a good choice if you come to Japan for the first time and ride a motorcycle. Moderate distance, moderate traffic volume, moderate landscape are here.

Local Chichibu

This is the view of the prefectural road leading to Chichibu. It suddenly transforms into a peaceful countryside view from the city of the building group.

Road of Chichibu

There is not much traffic. The state of the road surface is also good.

Windingroad of chichibu

Because it is close to the city center, there is a commuting traffic volume in the morning and evening. But it is very comfortable except for that time zone.


This mountain is the symbol of Chichibu "BUKOUYAMA". The pattern of the mountains looks like a contour line of the map. This is a trace of mining limestone.

God of money

This is a shrine called "HIJIRI - JINJYA". Copper was found in the immediate vicinity of AD 708. It is said that the government of the time manufactured the coin for the first time in Japan using the copper.
Because of that background, this shrine is called "God of money". Many people pray for winning the lottery and business success.

Fudo myouou

This is a bit unusual Buddha statue. It is a Buddhist god called "FUDO - MYOUOU" in Chichibu Kegonnotaki. It looks a little unique like the photo. But there are reasons for this. One eye is looking up and one eye is looking down. This means that he is the god who sees everything.

country road chichibu

The center of Chichibu city has traffic volume, but it is very quiet when you leave there. There is a typical Japanese country landscape.

Chichibu Shrine

In the center of Chichibu there is this Chichibu Shrine. This place is popular with many people. It is difficult to explain in English, but this place is called power spot. It is said that spiritual power is strong and it is a place to catch people's prayers.


This is "EMA" which was put in Chichibu Shrine. You can write your prayers on the wooden board and deliver it to God.

Mitumine Shrine

This is another shrine. This is MITUMINE Shrine. The shape of a general shrine and torii is different. A general shrine's guardian is a dog called "Komainu", but this shrine is a wolf. This MITUMINE shrine is also believed to be a power spot.

Wolf figure

This is the wolf figure of the guardian of the shrine. It is wild and cool.

Tochimoto area

This is the Tochimoto area close to the origin of Arakawa. There are small settlements by plowing the mountain slopes. This road was originally an old road. Here you can see the original landscape of Japan.

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