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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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Amazing Place in the immediate vicinity of Tokyo.
Let's go to the northern part of the Kanto plain. Ibaraki Prefecture.

Ibaraki prefecture is in the northern part of the Kanto plain. It is close to Tokyo and very convenient place.
High mountains are few and wide plains are characterized, and there are many paddy fields and fields.Even though such favorable conditions, popularity survey is the lowest in 48 prefectures in Japan.
But I think. You do not know. You do not know the wonderful Ibaraki. I have taken a touring to convey the honor of Ibaraki.

Ibaraki Pref

To go from Tokyo to Ibaraki prefecture, it is good to use expressway Jyobando. If you take this road, I will arrive in Ibaraki prefecture in about an hour.
What do you think is in Ibaraki Prefecture? For example, there is Kasumigaura, the second largest lake in Japan.Natto, a favorite Japanese food, is also a specialty of Ibaraki. There is also a historical shrine called Kashima Shrine in Ibaraki Prefecture.
We went to see unique things this time. It is Ushiku Great Buddha and Mt. Tsukuba.Ushiku Great Buddha is Guinness Record Holder whose size is recognized.Mt. Tsukuba is a low mountain that has been the object of faith since ancient times, and there is a legend of a big frog.We call this frog "Gama".
There are lots of interesting things in Ibaraki, which is very close to the city. We wish you all to see these.

Kashima Jingu

In East Japan it is a very venerable Kashima Shrine.It was built before the year 723 AD.

Kasima Jingu Kanameishi

In Japan, there is a legend that "earthquakes are the work of catfish underground".There is a legend that the "KanameIshi" of Kashima Shrine of this photograph suppresses that catfish.


This is the biggest Buddha of Ushiku in the world.Can you understand the size from here?
Please click here to understand correctly→Interesting Japan!


There is a low mountain in the plain of Ibaraki. This is Mount Tsukuba. There are mountain beliefs in Japan, and this mountain was also an object of faith from long ago.

Gama Land

There is a big frog legend in Mt. Tsukuba, which is the theme park of that frog.This is called "Gamaland". What kind of facilities are there? It is not easy to say it in a word. If it is difficult to express, it is "bitter smile".

Kanto plain

You can see Kanto Plain from Tsukuba mountain. If the weather conditions are good, you can see buildings in Tokyo and Mount Fuji.

Hitachi Soba

Although not very famous, cultivation of soba is also prosperous in Ibaraki.This is called fragrant "Hiraeda soba". We hope you would like to eat it. →Sobadokro Nisimura

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