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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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You can not believe that this is Tokyo.
Izu Oshima / Oshima Around Road

Izu Oshima is an island in the Pacific Ocean, about 100 km south of Tokyo.There is a name "Izu", but administrative jurisdiction belongs to Tokyo.
It is peaceful now but this is a volcanic island. The unique landform that the volcano made is the characteristic of this island.Because of its uniqueness Oshima is certified as Geopark in 2010.
There is transportation only by airplane or ship for us to go to Oshima. Airplanes have few flights and generally use high-speed boats.The fare of a high-speed ship is about 7000 yen for one way and about 5000 yen for a regular ship. If it is a high-speed ship, we will enter Oshima in about 2 hours from Tokyo.
Contact destination for Oshima cruise ship. Tokai Kisen

Coast of Izu Oshima

Oshima is a volcanic island, and its center is the mountain called MIharayama. On this island of black lava and volcanic gravel, there is the "Oshima Around Road" along the coastline.We borrowed a mini bike on this tour. The outer circumference of the island is about 50 kilometers, so a big motorcycle was not necessary.Mini bike rental was about 3000 yen to 4000 yen in 24 hours.
Oshima has its own environment that it can not be thought of as Tokyo. It is a quiet road with little traffic. There are also hot springs and strange terrain due to the volcanic zone.Due to being away from the mainland, there is also a unique food culture.
If you choose a schedule of passenger ships, day trips are also possible.There are also nice hotels and inns on the island though. I recommend that you take a tour of the island slowly after staying 1 or 2 nights.

Motomachi Port of Izu Oshima

The way to go to Oshima is this express ship. It is comfortable without shaking by a jet ship of gas turbine.

Camellia forest

"Tsubaki" forest grown in Oshima. From now on, good quality camellia oil can be taken.

Oshima's marvelous landscape

A strange sight of Oshima Around Road. Oshima has its own landscape.

Oshima Around Road

This is Oshima Around Road. If it is not consecutive holidays, traffic is very small.

Terrain of Oshima

This is the land called "Urasabaku". It is a rough landscape made by volcanoes.Miharayama volcano can be seen in the distance.


It is an interesting rock called "Fudeshima". It is a scenery made by volcanoes and the ocean.

Townscape of Habu

Oshima has a history that it prospered ocean trading in the past. A few buildings and streets of that era remain.

Port Habu

It is "Habu harbor" which was lively in the past. It is a harbor using the topography that was anciently a volcanic crater.

Oshima strata

It is a stratum where you can see the geological features of Oshima. There is a person who calls "Baumkuchen" by nickname.

Bekko Sushi

This is "Bekko Sushi". We can eat only on Oshima and some islands.Unlike ordinary sushi, the flavor of mustard is delicious.

Traffic volume
Very few because it is isolated from the mainland. Local cars and tourists' rental cars are running.
Road surface
Although it is an island, it is the capital Tokyo. The management of the road surface is good. However, due to Oshima's peculiar topography, there are many ups and downs and curves.

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