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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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You have to run here in Japan! Part 2.
Hakone is closest to Tokyo, it is a good quality touring course.

→ Here is the first part of the article in the Hakone area.

Continue writing the second part of the article of Hakone.
The Hakone area is not very wide. And because of popular tourist destinations, holidays may be congested. If your schedule is okay, we recommend that you go on weekdays.
Hakone is a mountainous area. The altitude is about 800 meters and it gets cold in winter. Although there are few snow, the road surface may freeze. It is good that you go to Hakone is not winter. You can enjoy fresh green in the spring, cool in the summer, autumn leaves. Of course the hot springs spring all year. If you go in winter, cars rather than motorcycles are good. There is almost no snow on the highway.

Ashinoko skyline and Bike

This picture is a toll road called Ashinoko Skyline. It is a scenic road made along the mountain ridgeline, west of Lake Ashinoko. Hakone has many good roads like this. But sometimes it may not be the case. As there is a mountain road, the other side of the curve may be unpredictable. A tourist 's car suddenly stops in the middle of the road, or a hiking person comes out.
Please pay attention to excessive speed.

Good riding

This is also the Ashinoko Skyline. Because there are toll roads, there are not many users. Therefore it is very comfortable.

Lake Ashinoko

A large pleasure boat operates in Ashinoko. It is a good idea to park a motorcycle and sightsee in the lake. On this lake you can harvest trout and Wakasagi. There are many restaurants on the lake.

Owakudani Hakone

This valley that blows smoke is Owakudani. There is still active volcanic activity and you can see unusual scenery. However, it is occasionally closed due to toxic gases caused by volcanic activity.

Onsen egg

Owakudani boils eggs using the heat of the volcano. This is called "black egg". I do not know whether it is true or joking, but "It is said that lifetime will increase seven years if you eat one." Please do eat this long and live long!

Japanese sports car

It is a unique rental car in Hakone. They lend a rare sports car. Foreign nationals can also borrow unless there is a problem in the qualifications.

Old sports cars

Nissan Fairlady Z, Toyota 86, Skyline GTR, Ferrari and so on. Motorcycles are nice, but running a car like this in Hakone is a fun experience.

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